Saturday, July 25, 2009

MOTD - Incubus: Haunting you with dark old school heavy metal

That's right folks! It's back! (and hopefully with a vengeance!)

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Incubus
Song: She Laid Him Down
Album: To The Devil A Daughter
Style: NWOBHM/Heavy Metal
country/location: UK
release: 1984

Ok time to get back to the old school! This band has got to be one of my favorite finds in my exploration of the lesser known bands of yesteryear. (yes I say that by a lot of bands haha) Admittedly I discovered these guys because of the fact they share their band name with a popular rock band. However, this Incubus stands out as being an incredibly catchy, yet dark and heavy metal band. One of the more well known members of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement (more well-known in the sense they are often listed among the greats of the subgenre), this band took the catchy, but still rough qualities of the NWOBHM sound and created a lighter but darker style that works unbelievably well. I say lighter in the sense that while they still have that heavy metal crunch, they don't over do it. This song is one of their best, which came out on their only full length back in 1984. The vocals here are clean and almost serene with just a small gruff touch, singing about a woman who takes revenge on a cheating man. This melds beautifully with the dark heavy metal guitar lines and mid-paced thumping rhythm section. What great metal song is without a solo? This band's soloist delivers a shredding yet epic solo that is both heartfelt and evil. This band unfortunately didn't release much more than this album, which is a shame. Check out this band!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MOTD - Devin Townsend: Breaking the Break For Something Silly!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Devin Townsend
Song: Ants
Album: Infinity
Style: Progressive/Industrial/Atmospheric Metal (WTF AM I LISTENING TO METAL!)
country/location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
release: 1998

So I'm still technically on a break, but decided to take a break from the break. A few reasons, 1. As much as I love Britney Spears metalized, I didn't feel totally ok with the fact the last MOTD was Britney Spears, 2. Wanted to have something posted, 3. This song is really silly. 4. Just felt like it! So basically I'm posting a silly song to cover up another silly song!

Anyways, Devin Townsend almost needs no introduction, but he is one of the more (most?) respected musicians in metal. He is also one of the most bizarre and bi-polar musicians ever. One minute he's performing in Strapping Young Lad producing some of the most intense, FUCK YOU spewing music ever, the next he is writing some of the most beautiful, ambient and calming metal ever (yes it's possible. Then sometimes he just has a silly side. This song, Ants, kinda takes all three sides (especially the silly) and mixes it together into a 2 minute smorgasbord of sound. At points it sounds like a chaotic grind-like thing, then it goes into a polka like "what the heck am I listening to?" thing. It's great! Well enjoy this little wtf thing! (it's even more bizarre if you follow it with some 1950s folk music)

Monday, July 6, 2009

the MOTD is in the middle of another break. I've been so busy with stuff I haven't had the time I like to devote to it and admittedly I need another break for a little while so I can get my writing-description batteries recharged. Do not worry, I got tons of stuff that I want to share coming up!