Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MOTD - Rivers Of Nihil: Technical Explosion

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Rivers Of Nihil
Song: Chambers of Civility
Album: Heirarchy
Style: Technical Death Metal
country/location: Reading, Pennsylvania, US
release: 2010

Boston has been graced with a slew of fantastic touring bands from all over! Last Wednesday was no exception with an explosive tech death outfit visiting from Pennsylvania.

When I say explosive, I mean a nuclear bomb worth of brutality, technical prowess & epic songwriting. Rivers Of Nihil are no slouches at their brand of skillfully played crushing death metal. The guitarists are fierce with their brutal as fuck riffs & kaleidoscopic licks, while the jazzy and progressive inspired drum blasting is fast and unrelenting. The vokillist is a beastly consistent growler, solid and gruff with a nice range. As technical as they are, they haven't forgotten the importance of appealing to simpler ears. They throw in enough chugging riffs and breakdowns to keep headbangers and moshers happy, even a couple ear catching djent/Meshuggah moments to please fans of dropped tuning. For fans of technical death as well as brutal death, Rivers Of Nihil are definitely a band to check out. Wicked nice dudes too! Check it out!