Saturday, February 28, 2009

So it seems that my webspace "host" for the mp3s has dropped me. Granted I've been uploading them to my old college's server for a year or so now, so this comes at no surprise, but I wasn't expecting it for awhile.

I'm working on getting a new webspace host to upload the tracks, either through my bestest buddy ever or just suck it up and buy some space myself (if any of you have any suggestions of servers or groups or whatever to purchase from, I'll check them out and forever be in your debt!).

So for the time being the MOTD are on hold, hopefully won't be for too long. Also as a result, all the previous tracks are unavailable as well. When I get things back on track and you want me to reupload any, I'll do it. (obviously I'm not going to upload everything, but a few tracks here and there I'll do.)

Anyways, thank you for being patient and awesome! \m/

Monday, February 23, 2009

MOTD - Necropsy: Make Believin' Early 90s Turkish Thrash

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Necropsy
Song: Make Me Believe
Album: Speed Lessons Part 1 demo
Style: Speed/Thrash Metal
country/location: Istanbul, Turkey
release: 1992

So that next theme in the "Theme request" thinger wasn't really a request, but I took it as such anyways for the fun of it! A friend of mine/requester claimed to not have an imagination and thus couldn't think of anything. So I decided that her theme was imagination hehe. I did a quick search through my collection and came up with a couple fantastic choices. This song, Make Me Believe, came up last minute and in the first couple seconds I was like "gotta post this." I also had another option that I had to post, so imagination gets two songs! (my imagination at work... sorta!)

Hailing from Turkey, Necropsy formed as a speed/thrash band back in the early 90s, releasing at least one EP of pure underproduced but still kick ass riffing thrash. Then they changed their name to Nekropsi and became a psychedelic rock/jazz/ethnic band. Not entirely sure how I got my hands on this EP (and if they came from one of my metal buddies and I'm forgetting, I apologize!) and even more so not sure how I didn't listen to this band before because they kinda rule. The production is a bit buzzy, but the riffs they have instantly grab you and don't let go. I mean, I heard the opening 30 seconds and I was like "gotta to post this now!" (well a couple days ago, but still) Not a huge fan of the vocals, but they are definitely thrash in nature and the song kicks ass so much that it's all good. The song has one of the coolest outros. Just when you think the song is going to end with a slowing build to the big crash, this kick ass, fast and catchy middle eastern sounding riff comes in and destroys you! Kinda curious how they sound now with their new sound, but I'll leave it to the imagination for now!. Anyways, totally awesome old school band worth checking out!

Necropsy - Make Me Believe

Thursday, February 19, 2009

MOTD - Sebastian Bach, an Aerosmith Cover, a Cameo and Republicans

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Sebastian Bach
Song: Back In The Saddle (Aerosmith cover)
Album: Angel Down
Style: Traditional/Heavy Metal
country/location: United States
release: 2007

(long write up today!)

So in one of the communities that I post I decided to have a little fun and take a few requests. Now the catch was that instead of requesting a band or song or genre, people were invited to request a theme or word or something and then in my crazy mind I'd post a song or band etc that relates to that theme or word. Like for example someone could request ponies, and I'd post a song that had ponies in the title or related to flying horses or who knows what. So I took about four requests (originally three, but a fourth popped up that was too good to ignore!) and I'll be posting these (and a few other gems that I found along the way) over the course of time. To the other places I post, I'll do another "request line" later on down the line!

Anyways, the first person took my example of ponies literally and requested a horse or horsies theme! I had several fantastic options but I came upon one that works in so many ways it was too good to not to post! Sebastian Bach has had quite a career since he and Skid Row parted ways, from selling out to the VH1 reality tv series to recording some pretty awesome heavy metal records to even doing some prog metal work. This song comes from his last solo record and features a bunch of amusing attributes. First of all, it's a heavier metal cover of an Aerosmith song, and dare I say a pretty awesome one at that. This version has all the power and heaviness of a Skid Row song with the added bluesy and catchy nature that Aerosmith songs tend to have. Heavier guitars, pounding drums, Bach's powerful set of vocal cords, it's all here. Second of all, this version has a very special guest singer, none other than Axl Rose from Guns N' Roses. His all to familiar snarl is still there adding to the novelty of the song. Third of all and this came about just after I decided to use this track, the Republicans decided that their mission to derail the stimulus vote needed a theme song... and yep, they chose "Back In The Saddle." Granted it wasn't this version, but still! haha! So here it is for your enjoyment and amusement. All humor aside, it is a damn catchy song and with the extra Bach-ness, it's kinda awesome. Awesome enough that even before all the amusing parts I was drawn to post it! It's definitely a fun listen!

Sebastian Bach - Back In The Saddle (Aerosmith cover)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MOTD - Hatebeak: Avian Supremacy (or I Found Waldo! He's a bird in a death metal band!)

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Hatebeak
Song: Bird Seeds Of Vengeance
Album: Hatebeak / Caninus
Style: Avian Death Metal
country/location: Baltimore, Maryland, US
release: 2005

So about a year ago for the MOTD I was doing a series of bizarre and unusual metal bands. Like metal bands fronted by pit bulls or Klingon death metal bands or hip hop/Danzig/emo/mammal sauce loving bands or Penis flytraps or bizarre death metal bands with vocals that sound like who knows what and stuff like that. There was one band that I didn't include for whatever reason. Since there's no time like the present and it was my birthday yesterday (weee I'm 24!), today is the day that Hatebeak is featured!

Hatebeak is a rather unusual band. Musically they're just a simple and chugging low-budget death metal band. Some nice riffs here and there, but nothing fancy or mind-blowing. Kinda has a grindcore feel (the length of the song for one thing). Some double bass drum action is used a bit here. Now the part about this band that is truly unique is the lead vocalist. Their vocalist is an African Grey Parrot by the name of Waldo. And man for a bird, the little guy can sure squawk his way through a death metal song. And man, the guy sure is opinionated. He growls about how birds are better than everyone else. Typical avian supremacy stuff but with a little bit of an African Grey edge. Obviously this band is a huge parody and novelty. Though birds are superior to everyone, I should know! hehe. Some people will find this band to be amusing and a good listen, while others will laugh for a moment and then switch to something else. You gotta give em points for originality and I must say that I enjoy them a bit hehe. Well check out these birds of a feather!

Hatebeak - Bird Seeds Of Vengeance

Monday, February 16, 2009

MOTD - Novembre: A Valentine's of Sorts

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Novembre
Song: Valentine
Album: Novembrine Waltz
Style: (progressive) Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
country/location: Rome, Italy
release: 2001

(this post was intended for Saturday so pretend it's still Valentine's Day hehe)

So now I'm going to be posting a bunch of random stuff. Some of the tracks are going to be the usual Wren randomness and some of them will be what you might call outtakes from previous series (including a reupload of a track that I only had a sample of). Anyways

So since today is Valentine's Day I felt like posting something Valentine's related. I did a quick search through my extensive collection only to find that I only had one track with the word Valentine in the title and it seemed like a good selection for this day. Instead of a silly humorous song, here's a nice and beautiful song!

Novembre is a band of many labels. They are often listed as a progressive metal band or as a gothic band or a doom band or a black/death band or even a combination of all the above. In the case of this track, the elements they utilize are incredibly melodic gothic-like guitar lines as well as progressive shifts. The song is loaded with gorgeous melodies, dare I say radio friendly hooks, as well as some heavy moments. Novembre is known for having moments that are quite brutal and extreme with harsh vocals and even the occasional blast beat, however this song isn't an example of that. There's a couple moments that you almost anticipate a screech or something from the vocalist, but he never does it and it works beautifully. The vocals here are very dead pan which works quite well with the melodies. This is the type of song that I'd introduce to someone who's only notion of metal is gore and death metal; An example of how metal can be heavy and gorgeous at the same time. This band is also the type of band that probably won't appeal to extreme and brutal metal fans, however with an open mind Novembre will reward you.

Novembre - Valentine

Sunday, February 15, 2009

MOTD - Windir: One of the Masters

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Windir
Song: Arntor, Ein Windir
Album: Arntor
Style: Black/Folk/Viking Metal
country/location: Sogndal, Norway
release: 1998

So the black metal series comes to an end! Don't worry black metal fans, there'll be more in the future! What better way to end this series with one of the masters of the subgenre. The mighty Windir!

To those who are tr00, Windir needs no introduction, but to those who aren't familiar, Windir was one of the leading black metal bands back in the day. Led by mastermind Valfar, they took traditional extreme black metal and infused it with folk melodies and lyrical themes. Valfar utilized black metal elements like blast beats, high pitched extreme vocals and tremolo played guitars to their fullest, while using incredibly beautiful folk melodies to create a sound that is both traditional and modern. This song is a prime example of that merge. There's the feeling of it being an old song that has been passed down for generations, while still being an extreme black metal song from the 90s. Granted this track is based upon an old folk song, but still. The guitars here are full and reverbed quite a bit to highlight the folk melodies. The song is hugely infectious as a result of these melodies and the unusually jovial and grim feel. Some parts of the track are actually quite fun and lively, especially in the middle. Even Valfar isn't so grim that he isn't "uplifted" by these parts, in fact he throws in a couple "yee haws!" (admittedly these moments were kinda the reason I posted this track! hehe). It's such a tragedy that Valfar passed away in 2004, however his passing is quite possibly the most black metal death ever. He went for a walk towards his family's cabin and got caught in a snowstorm and died of hypothermia. As I said before there is no better way to conclude a black metal series/playlist then with Windir. (if there are better ways, I don't want to hear it! haha)

Windir - Arntor, Ein Windir

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MOTD - Y3K: Catchy, Evil Jovial Symphonic Black Metal

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Y3K
Song: The Creeping Chaos
Album: Retribution
Style: Symphonic/Epic Black Metal
country/location: Valencia, Spain
release: 2007

So I was going to post Gwynbleidd for they are incredible. I was hoping to pick up their new full length debut album at the show on Thursday and post something from that. Unfortunately, the album is ready yet and probably won't be for a little while. As good as the EP/demo is, I'm going to wait until the full length comes out.

Until then, I'm ready to post the second to last black metal series track! This band was a random band that I acquired awhile ago and found myself addicted to. Y3K play a very catchy, melodic and symphonic style of black metal that many kvlt and tr00 people will probably hate. hehe. The keyboards are very prominent here, but they have an almost evil joyous quality to them. The guitars are chugging with some tremolo power added to the mix, but the keyboards are what truly give their sound. They also utilize blast beats slightly more than your average "over to top" symphonic black metal band. The main vocals are mid ranged scratchy extreme vocals that share the stage with some nicely done female singing and some powerful chanting-like men's choir parts. The song goes between blasts of intense, bizarre and dare I say jovial black metal to epic and slower moments. Y3k has a very catchy extreme sound that some will find too catchy to be labeled black metal. Those with an open mind (an un-tr00 mind) will get a kick out of this!

Y3K - The Creeping Chaos

Thursday, February 5, 2009

MOTD - Organium: And now for a little ORGANic fun in a Can Can!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Organium
Song: Can Can (Offenbach cover)
Album: The Rage
Style: Noise/Black/Ambient
country/location: Erembodegem, East Flanders, Belgium
release: 2004

And now for something completely different... Wow, I've been on a Monty Python quoting kick lately. Might have something to do with the Monty Python themed Fluxx game I played on Tuesday... Anyways, a friend of mine was telling me about the late great Jacques Offenbach who is famous among things for the Can Can (well the one that most people know). And in my usual metal obsessive-ness, I went to see if there was a metal version. Well, I found one... sorta...

Organium is a black/ambient metal project by this guy who has at least 20 different black/ambient/noise/drone/funeral doom projects. This one is unique for basically it's ambient black metal done with just organs and drums. And when I say organs, I mean church organ. Some of them having some distortion effects. Sometimes is a mix of clean grand organ with highly distorted organ. What better musical style to play the famous Can Can? hehe Seriously this style gives the classic piece a very classical flavor while still being totally unique and bizarre, especially when the "dah dah dahdah dah dah DAH dah dah dah..." part comes in. It's a really strange but really fun track. Not sure if it's a true (tr00?) example of Organium's sound, but I was in the mood to post something fun. Maybe I'll come back and post one of the original tracks. For now, I expect to see a chorus line going!

Organium - Can Can (Offenbach cover)

Monday, February 2, 2009

MOTD - Nephillim: A Great Slab Of NYBM (New York Black Metal)

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Nephillim
Song: Abbas O' Bellum (God of War)
Album: Hymns of the Fallen (split)
Style: Black Metal
country/location: New York, New York, US
release: 2006/7

Well blow me a whale, I can't think of a good introduction to this post. Except that I guess. haha. So this is another band who I was listening to relatively recently and decided to share with you. I came upon Nephillim by way of a split album with Zircon (a local Massachusetts band that will be featured later on...). Nephillim was a plain and grim black metal band from New York City. Raw and thin guitars, blast beats, scratchy semi-high pitched vocals, gritty production, it's all there. They have a few unique features like the fact that production is actually really good while still keeping with the extreme nature of black metal. Another is that there doesn't seem to be a single lead vocalist. There's almost a chorus quality to it, but the inconsistencies give it a natural and relaxed feel. The last major unique feature is the small progressive element, as evident by the few soft but dark acoustic passages that flow in and out of the song. Though nowhere near as complex or outstanding as many other bands in the genre, this is a great slab of black metal. It's a shame that they broke up for they seem like the type of band to constantly produce some good stuff. Also I'd love to see them live. Anyways, enjoy!

Nephillim - Abbas O' Bellum (God of War)