Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MOTD - Y3K: Catchy, Evil Jovial Symphonic Black Metal

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Y3K
Song: The Creeping Chaos
Album: Retribution
Style: Symphonic/Epic Black Metal
country/location: Valencia, Spain
release: 2007

So I was going to post Gwynbleidd for they are incredible. I was hoping to pick up their new full length debut album at the show on Thursday and post something from that. Unfortunately, the album is ready yet and probably won't be for a little while. As good as the EP/demo is, I'm going to wait until the full length comes out.

Until then, I'm ready to post the second to last black metal series track! This band was a random band that I acquired awhile ago and found myself addicted to. Y3K play a very catchy, melodic and symphonic style of black metal that many kvlt and tr00 people will probably hate. hehe. The keyboards are very prominent here, but they have an almost evil joyous quality to them. The guitars are chugging with some tremolo power added to the mix, but the keyboards are what truly give their sound. They also utilize blast beats slightly more than your average "over to top" symphonic black metal band. The main vocals are mid ranged scratchy extreme vocals that share the stage with some nicely done female singing and some powerful chanting-like men's choir parts. The song goes between blasts of intense, bizarre and dare I say jovial black metal to epic and slower moments. Y3k has a very catchy extreme sound that some will find too catchy to be labeled black metal. Those with an open mind (an un-tr00 mind) will get a kick out of this!

Y3K - The Creeping Chaos