Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MOTD - Hatebeak: Avian Supremacy (or I Found Waldo! He's a bird in a death metal band!)

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Hatebeak
Song: Bird Seeds Of Vengeance
Album: Hatebeak / Caninus
Style: Avian Death Metal
country/location: Baltimore, Maryland, US
release: 2005

So about a year ago for the MOTD I was doing a series of bizarre and unusual metal bands. Like metal bands fronted by pit bulls or Klingon death metal bands or hip hop/Danzig/emo/mammal sauce loving bands or Penis flytraps or bizarre death metal bands with vocals that sound like who knows what and stuff like that. There was one band that I didn't include for whatever reason. Since there's no time like the present and it was my birthday yesterday (weee I'm 24!), today is the day that Hatebeak is featured!

Hatebeak is a rather unusual band. Musically they're just a simple and chugging low-budget death metal band. Some nice riffs here and there, but nothing fancy or mind-blowing. Kinda has a grindcore feel (the length of the song for one thing). Some double bass drum action is used a bit here. Now the part about this band that is truly unique is the lead vocalist. Their vocalist is an African Grey Parrot by the name of Waldo. And man for a bird, the little guy can sure squawk his way through a death metal song. And man, the guy sure is opinionated. He growls about how birds are better than everyone else. Typical avian supremacy stuff but with a little bit of an African Grey edge. Obviously this band is a huge parody and novelty. Though birds are superior to everyone, I should know! hehe. Some people will find this band to be amusing and a good listen, while others will laugh for a moment and then switch to something else. You gotta give em points for originality and I must say that I enjoy them a bit hehe. Well check out these birds of a feather!

Hatebeak - Bird Seeds Of Vengeance


Anonymous said...

I cant download the mp3 file, please reupload.. hatebeak is amazing!

boblovesmusic said...

hey Anonymous! Hopefully you'll see this but I've reuploaded it! Hatebeak rules!