Thursday, December 31, 2009

MOTD - Chickenfoot: A Hard Rockin' Future

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Chickenfoot
Song: Future In The Past
Album: Chickenfoot
Style: Hard Rock
country/location: United States
release: 2009

So I'm briefly interrupting the Jewish/Hanukah series to post something in honor of the New Year, New Decade, and the fact we're now in THE FUCKIN' FUTURE!!! HOLY SHIT WE'RE IN 2010 (Twenty Ten)!!! This song entitled "Future In The Past" fits with this theme quite nicely!

Anyways, this is one of the few times I've posted a mainstream/well known band haha. (ok more than a few hehe) They're not exactly the most "metal" of bands either, however they have a hard rockin' sound that I kinda lump into the metal umbrella (I'm like that!). So Joe Satriani, Chad Smith (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers), Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony (of Van Halen) came together to form Chickenfoot, a fun band that combines a lot of the elements of their respective projects. In Chickenfoot's music you can hear Van Halen's bluesy, edgy and catchy hard rock, Joe Satriani's guitar wizardry (though he doesn't over do it), and Red Hot Chili Pepper's funk and groove. This band has got it all! This track is no exception in it's musical combinations, jumping from an introspective ballad/anthem to a funky hard rock groove to an almost middle eastern sounding passage and then back again (with pretty fluid transitions as well). I love it! It's nice to hear some good ol' hard rock done right! See what you think!

Chickenfoot - Future In The Past

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MOTD - Black Landscapes: A Symphonic Black Metal National Anthem

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Black Landscapes
Song: Hatikva
Album: Shred Them For They Might Escape...
Style: Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal
country/location: Herzliyah, Israel
release: 2004

Happy New Year folks! Sorry I've been so behind on my postings. Life is pleasantly busy! It's been a crazy year! Anyways, continuing with the Jewish/Hanukah theme, we have here a symphonic/melodic black metal project from Israel. A Zionist black metal band at that... Certainly different from the usual Satanic/anti-religious themes you usually find in black metal. This track is a metalized but sincere and honest version of "Hatikva" (The Hope), the national anthem of Israel. The original melody is kept intact with a choir of singers, as heavy guitars and full bodied keyboards provide a powerful and awesome accompaniment. The black metal elements aren't very prominent in this little piece, except for a loud black metal scream heard in the climax. It's a cool little gem!

Black Landscapes - Hatikva

Monday, December 28, 2009

MOTD - Wizzard of Oz: An obscure Swedish heavy metal song yields a Jewish surprise!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Wizzard Of Oz
Song: Losing Control
Album: Demo 82
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Sweden
release: 1982

So since I posted only one Hanukah song, I thought it was fair to post a couple more Hanukah related songs! Well, at least Jewish related songs hehe!

Anyways Wizzard of Oz is an old obscure heavy metal band from Sweden. Like most of the obscure bands I post (I like obscure old heavy metal bands sosumi!), there isn't much known about them other than a 3 song demo released sometime in 1982. Their music is pretty much your standard NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) inspired metal, rough and dirty guitars, a young sounding but aggressively gruff vocalist, a punk/rock feel and speed. This song is a cool track featuring riffs with a nice rockin' and sorta funky feel to them and a slower chill chorus about loosing control. Now you're probably thinking "this band sounds awesome, but Wren, what does it have to do with Hanukkah or Jews?" Not much really, except towards the end when the band breaks into an incredibly awesome speed metal rendition of Hava Nagila! It's unexpected and definitely makes this song even more fun! hehe. Anyways, happy very belated Hanukah!

Wizzard of Oz - Losing Control

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MOTD - Gods Of Fire: Hanukkah Gone Metal!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Gods Of Fire
Song: Oh Hanukkah
Album: Hanukkah Gone Metal
Style: Traditional Heavy Metal
country/location: New York City, New York, US
release: 2009

(I was going to post this on the last night of Hanukah, but it didn't happen until today, so pretend it's still Chanukah!)

Happy Hanukkah fellow metalheads, Jews and regular folk alike! It is the last night of Festival of Lights, so this means that I have one chance to post a Hanukah related metal song before the 8 day holiday ends (lolz)! Consider this a Hanukah gift to you all!

I was overjoyed when I discovered that there was a heavy metal Hanukah album! Finally the Jews had holiday metal representation! New York based traditional heavy metalists Gods Of Fire took it upon themselves to release an awesomely done Hanukah Gone Metal album. With powerful soaring vocals, melodic but kick ass guitars, full bodied organs (the part that sold me on this band), and a driving rhythm, they transform hanukah songs (both original and traditional songs) into epic heavy metal anthems. "Oh Hanukah" has never sounded more glorious! The gods of metal and Hanukah would be equally pleased! Hopefully this will please you as well!

Gods Of Fire - Oh Hanukkah

Thursday, December 10, 2009

MOTD - Ammit: Black/Thrash as it should be; raw, dirty, blasphemous

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Ammit
Song: Sinner
Album: Hammer Of Darkness
Style: Black/Thrash Metal
country/location: Santiago, Chile
release: 2005

One of my favorite sub-sub genres of metal is black/thrash. That incredible combination of the darkness and dirtiness of black metal plus the speed, aggression and thrashiness of thrash is hard to resist for me. The band that I feel best signifies that crude mixture is Ammit. Hailing from Chile, they create some of the most filthy, blasphemous and gritty music that has graced my ears. The guitar tone is raw and crunchy, as well as slightly and awesomely out of tune. When played with a thrash sensibility, it sounds ugly, biting and sharp. The vocalist supplies a rough and truly hateful style, a weird combination of untrained singing, thrash shouting and black metal harshness. This style conveys the sinful Satanic and Occult lyrics and themes of Ammit's music in the most ugly way possible. The production is as raw as it gets, without sounding forced or unreal. Again, Ammit is a great example of a black/thrash metal band. This is how raw metal should sound!

Ammit - Sinner

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MOTD - A Wren: A Wren discovers A Wren

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: A Wren
Song: (Blissfully) Frozen In Time
Album: A Wren
Style: Depressive Black Metal/Ambient
country/location: Saint Cloud, Minnesota, United States
release: 2009

Somewhere in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, a fellow known solely as A recorded a few instrumental depressive black metal songs. This person decided to name his project A Wren. Meanwhile, a metalhead by the name of Wren was tooling around on the internet, specifically looking up metal related things. He stumbled upon the myspace of A Wren and was flabbergasted that anyone would decide to name their band/project after his given name, even more shocked that it was a black metal project. (Wren supposed that this black metal avocation might be nature based and thus a depressive black metal band named after a bird might not seem so strange). In either way, it intrigued him enough to download this free collection of songs.

Anyways, Wren discovered that this A Wren was pretty good. Nothing fancy nor life changing, definitely a run-in-a-mill depressive black metal with thin fuzzy guitars, simple homecooked production, long drawn out semi-monotonous riffs, almost ambient passages, a few blast beat sections thrown in. A Wren had enough melody and change in their/his music to keep Wren's ears occupied despite the long lengths of the songs, going from fast tremolo playing to a slower picking style to a constant strumming to epic almost galloping riffs. Repeated listens seemed to suffer from the monotony however. Wren felt confident that others would enjoy A Wren's music, though many might be bored by this delivery. "Well check it out" Wren says.

A Wren - (Blissfully) Frozen In Time

Friday, December 4, 2009

MOTD - Devin Townsend: An Atmospheric Epic Metal Powerhouse

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Devin Townsend Project
Song: Numbered!
Album: Addicted
Style: Progressive Metal/Rock
country/location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
release: 2009

I know I know! I've posted Devin Townsend like two or three times before! It's not my fault that he's one of my favorite metal musicians, especially his progressive/atmospheric stuff! Also it's not my fault that he's released two great albums this year and I want to post something from one of those albums! (and want to cash in on all the Devin Townsend posting!)

This song "Numbered!" is one of my personal favorites. It comes off the Devin Townsend Project's second album Addicted which is what happens when the former skullet metal master combines the thick and heavy sounds of his Ziltoid album with the atmospheric, progressive and often pop-oriented attitude of his Ocean Machine/Infinity projects. The song morphs from an uber heavy thick guitared mammoth to a powerful introspective epic with an incredibly heartfelt (and damn catchy) chorus sung by Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-the Gathering) whose serenely powerful voice just feeds into the wall of atmospheric metal sound. Devin also flexes his vocal muscles in this track, going from a clean and simple delivery in the verses to an almost death scream during parts to a powerful operatic style (which I gotta say is used awesomely in this song). The production here is crystal clear which is not surprising for Devin is a master in the studio. Anyways, this song is definitely on my list of favorites of the year (I discovered it at a difficult moment of this year so it has some sentimental value as well). (the album is incredible as well!) Hope you enjoy it as well!

Devin Townsend Project - Numbered!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

MOTD - Black Friday: Celebrate Black Friday with a charming Heavy Metal band from Nepal

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Black Friday
Song: Prisoner of the Other Side
Album: Lost in a Dream
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Nepal
release: 2003

So yesterday was the magical Black Friday! For those of you who are unfamiliar, Black Friday is the day where all the people who stuffed their faces with turkey and pie exercise by running around shopping malls and corporate marketplaces in hopes that they'll work off the extra pounds in their bellies and their wallets. In honor of this best of all US unofficial holidays I'm posting a song by a band called Black Friday (I'm so annoyingly predictable aren't I? :-D)

Anyways this simple and charming heavy metal band, Black Friday, hails from the roughly trapezoidal, landlocked Nepal. They play some pretty decent standard heavy metal, nothing fancy or supremely amazing, but they have a certain charm about them. The guitarist comes up with some simple yet very well constructed riffs that flow nicely from each other. He really shines in his very competent melodic soloing that has an old classic rock feel with just the right amount of reverb to give that epic feel. The vocalist has a calm and very clean voice with just an slight edgy touch, a nice change of pace from the usual gruff sounds. He also seems to enjoy the phone effect on his voice too. The drums sound very programmed which adds to the charm of this band. They certainly need some work both in terms of song composition and production (which unfortunately won't come for they are split), however it's still an honest and enjoyable listen! Anyways, celebrate the day after Black Friday with this charming heavy metal band!

Black Friday - Prisoner of the Other Side

Thursday, November 26, 2009

MOTD - Factory: Happy Heavy Metal/Rockin' Turkey Day!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Factory
Song: The History Of The Turkey
Album: You are the music (single)
Style: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal/Hard Rock N Roll
country/location: UK
release: 1982

So in honor of Thanksgiving, I decided to post a Thanksgiving related song! In my little search, I came across this little ditty of a song about a turkey by this old obscure rock n roll/NWOBHM band called Factory. Not much is known about them other than they had a fellow by the name of Ray Dodd as a member and they released a 2 song single/demo and participated in a split/compilation with 4 other heavy metal bands (included Chinawite which I posted earlier). Anyways this band is a hard rockin' metal band having more in common with classic rock n roll. The guitar playing is rockin and rollin, while still having that metal heaviness. The singer has a great old rock n roll voice, and the guitar licks have that old rock groove that is danceable and rockin (keep on using that word haha). The production here is really perfect for this style, every instrument is heard clearly and the crisp rawness of the music remains intact. No pristine shimmer here! It's heavy metal/rock n roll as it should be! Anyways, check this out as you are consuming turkey or tofurkey!

Monday, November 23, 2009

MOTD - Nunslaughter: Satanic Death metal That Leaves You Buried Alive!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Nunslaughter
Song: Buried Alive
Album: Hell's Unholy Fire
Style: Death Metal
country/location: United States, Ohio
release: 2000

Not sure why I never listened to this band before, but damn god dammit this is awesome!! My friend's band covers this song at shows and every single time I can't resist headbanging and going crazy to it. Nunslaughter is a Satanic blasphemous death metal band that makes most black metal bands seem tame and friendly. Their music sounds dirty, raw, brutal and old, with vocals that are full of unholy rage! The opening riff to this song is so awesome, powerful and vicious. This transitions into an unrelenting death metal assault with pounding drums, chaotic tremolo guitars, and a vocalist who does an incredible job of making every word sounding vile and raw. The song is short and to the point, lasting no more than 2 minutes. It buries you quickly in death metal filth! Anyways, check this out!

Nunslaughter - Buried Alive

Friday, November 20, 2009

MOTD - Seraphim: Awlsome Sludge/crust/doom from Mississippi!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Seraphim
Song: A Dying Race
Album: Slaves
Style: Sludge/Crust/Doom/Hardcore/metal
country/location: Tupelo, Mississippi
release: 2009

So last month I went to a show that featured such awesome local bands as The Proselyte and Finisher (who I will definitely be featuring at some point!). A last minute addition to this awesome show was this sludgy/crusty-hardcore/doom metal band from Mississippi. They totally blew me away with the dark melodies, their full-toned guitars and vicious vocals. This band, Seraphim, is a band that I think people should check out. This song is a really awesome example of their sound, starting off with a dark guitar line with muddy chords providing a powerful backup. This transitions into a full sludge/hardcore/metal assault that is fast and unrelenting yet still keeping the doom feel, with biting and furious vocals adding to the controlled chaos. They have a punk/crust rawness that adds to the feel of the music. It's hard to really define their sound for they have a lot of different influences that is heard in their music. Their recordings are awesome, but they're also a great live band so if you see them on a show listing, I highly recommend you going! Check them out!

Seraphim - A Dying Race

Thursday, November 19, 2009

MOTD - Steele: Old school METAL that is BITTER SWEET!!!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Steele
Song: Bitter Sweet
Album: demo
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: San Francisco, California
release: 1984

I'm listening to this song now and thought "damn this song rules, better make a post about it!" This band Steele is pretty damn obscure, not much info is known about these guys. Supposedly they were from San Francisco where they released at least 1 small demo tape around 1984. Possibly more for the tape cover pictured above lists songs that aren't on the demo I acquired...

Either way, this is some great heavy metal! The main riff is absolutely killer to rock out to, with a great pounding rhythm section to provide that fast but constant beat. The melodic mid to high ranged hard rock singer often explodes into a falsetto wail that is piercing and powerful. What 1980s metal song is complete without a tough sounding chorus that is begging to be sung/chanted along with, "cus baby, you're just BITTER SWEEEEEEEET!!!" haha, it really is fun to sing along with, especially the end where the vocalist really howls out. And yes my friends, there's an epic and melodic shredding guitar solo, though the first part is a bit fuzzy and hard to make out. The production is what you should expect from a demo, ton of rawness and grit which only enhances the rockin' nature of this band. Steele provides a fun old school metal listen!

Steele - Bitter Sweet

Sunday, November 15, 2009

MOTD - Existance: Obscure Old School Metal brings the MOTD out of Retirement!

No guarantees on this, but gonna try and get back to doing MOTD again! The irony is that I had trouble writing this one back in July haha> But dammit I shall bring you metal!!!

Mp3 Of The Day

So obscure is this band that they don't have a pic

Band/Artist: Existance
Song: The Enemy
Album: demo
Style: NWOBHM/Heavy Metal a touch of punk/goth(?)
country/location: UK
release: 1983

Now to get to the really obscure! Other than this demo (which features two other songs), there's not much known about this old British band. This semi-mysterious band, Existance, plays a pretty unique blend of several different influences. They are lumped in with the NWOBHM movement and that is definitely heard with that combination of the heaviness of metal and the speed/rawness of punk. Even by the standards of the time, Existance is a tad lighter than most metal bands, with the punk being more predominate in their sound. The singer delivers a very clean and relaxed British-accented performance that is infectious and strong. The guitar lines are very melodic and the tone is almost early goth in nature. The bass and drums provide an excellent semi-galloping rhythm that works awesomely. The production here is pretty darn good for a demo, you can hear all the instruments easily and the singer's voice is highlighted perfectly. Check this out if you enjoy a little punk in your heavy metal!

Existance - The Enemy

Thursday, September 10, 2009

MOTD - Walter B. Rogers: Shredding Cornet Music from 1904

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Walter B. Rogers
Song: Yankee Doodle and Variations
Style: Vaudeville, Classical, Cornet music (early shred metal hehe)
country/location: Delphi, Indiana, US
release: 1904

So two weeks ago, just before my grandfather's funeral, I was helping my mother and uncle clean out his apartment/assisted living home. My mother told me that if there was anything I wanted, I could have it (with some things already claimed). I went to town on his CD/music collection for I figured he'd want me to have some of his recordings. One of the CDs I picked up was an album of really really old cornet music from the 1900s and even earlier. Some of it is really awesome and fun. I decided to share one of these gems.

This one was recorded in 1904 (the real old school here!) by this cornet player named Walter B. Rogers, who was popular at the time and rightly so. This guy is no slouch on his instrument. This track is him and a small band performing the ol' traditional song "Yankee Doodle" (which itself dates back to the 1750s btw). Now this recording starts off with him and his little backup orchestra playing the melody in a very straight-forward yet still peppy type way. After this, the orchestra repeats their routine backing of Rogers while he increases his tempo to double of his original performance. Again, he is no newb on the cornet, his playing is spot on & almost shredding (even by our standards of that term). The end finds Rogers triple tonguing his cornet in incredible precision. The sound quality is pretty damn good considering this was record 105 years ago! Of course it's not crystal clear, but still! Personally I'd like to think of this as a very very old precursor to the concept of shredding guitars in metal, but that's just me haha. I hope you enjoy this old highly skillful and fun gem!

Monday, September 7, 2009

MOTD - Artie Shaw: A Long Distance Dedication

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Artie Shaw and his Orchestra
Song: Stardust
Style: Swing, Big band music, Jazz
country/location: New York City
release: 1930s

So two weeks ago, my grandfather passed away. If there was ever a person who directly influenced my love of music, it was he. His entire life and soul was based around music, much like mine if not more than mine. He played trumpet his entire life, taught music, played in a jazz band for 60+ years, shared it, etc. Even up until his passing, he'd have a Saturday evening music series where he'd invite his neighbors to explore various types of music, ranging from Mendelsohn to Steven Foster to who knows (though he never did metal or heavy music heh). In the four or five years he did this series, he never ever repeated a night! Always something different.

Anyways, I wanted to pay tribute to him in my Mp3 of the Day. I thought of no better song than "Stardust." "Stardust" was often described to me as his theme song, and understandably too. It's a beautiful ballad that conveys longing love in a sorrowful yet heartfelt way. This version by Artie Shaw and his orchestra is an old favorite of mine, featuring Billy Butterfield (trumpet) and Jack Jenney (trombone). The orchestra swings you gently as each soloist get their moment to shine. It's the perfect slow dance number for it is comforting while still having a rhythm that would work amazingly on the dance floor. I can just imagine him and my grandmother dancing to this song at their wedding. Then 60 years later, still dancing to "Stardust" as if no time has passed. That's what I see and feel when I listen to it. It truly describes my grandfather, whose life was full of love and music.

I dedicate this song/post to my grandfather, Milt Aptekar, who taught me to love music and life.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MOTD - Decomposed: A Good Slab Of Brutal Death from Indonesia

That's right folks! It's a MOTD finally!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Decomposed
Song: Orgiastic Of Subconscious Butcher
Album: Putrid Stench Purulency
Style: Brutal Death Metal
country/location: Indonesia
release: 2002

So it's been over a month since the last MOTD I posted. It's quite embarrassing really haha. I've been wanting to get back into doing these cus I enjoyed them, but my life has been uber busy and other things. Anyways, I'm going to try and reignite the MOTD spark! I still have a bunch of old school metal posts to do, but until I get back into a groove, I'm just going to post a few things I've been listening to lately and/or just feel like posting! Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Restarting things off, I present to you some Indonesian brutal death metal! I acquired Decomposed from a buddy of mine who was getting rid of his distro. I didn't even realize where this band was from until I looked them up. Anyways, they're pretty much your run-in-the-mill brutal death band. Chugging guitars that slam you in the throat, blasting drums, mid ranged yet still guttural vocals, it's all here. There's nothing particularly surprising or original about this band, however they do their thing well. They got a lot of range in their riffs, ranging from fast grind like playing to slower headbanging slams. The vocal performance sounds natural yet still inhumanly brutal. No brees here, though his growls take on a high pitched quality. Decomposed certainly won't change people's minds, but for those who enjoy some brutal death, this is a pretty good slab of it!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

MOTD - Incubus: Haunting you with dark old school heavy metal

That's right folks! It's back! (and hopefully with a vengeance!)

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Incubus
Song: She Laid Him Down
Album: To The Devil A Daughter
Style: NWOBHM/Heavy Metal
country/location: UK
release: 1984

Ok time to get back to the old school! This band has got to be one of my favorite finds in my exploration of the lesser known bands of yesteryear. (yes I say that by a lot of bands haha) Admittedly I discovered these guys because of the fact they share their band name with a popular rock band. However, this Incubus stands out as being an incredibly catchy, yet dark and heavy metal band. One of the more well known members of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement (more well-known in the sense they are often listed among the greats of the subgenre), this band took the catchy, but still rough qualities of the NWOBHM sound and created a lighter but darker style that works unbelievably well. I say lighter in the sense that while they still have that heavy metal crunch, they don't over do it. This song is one of their best, which came out on their only full length back in 1984. The vocals here are clean and almost serene with just a small gruff touch, singing about a woman who takes revenge on a cheating man. This melds beautifully with the dark heavy metal guitar lines and mid-paced thumping rhythm section. What great metal song is without a solo? This band's soloist delivers a shredding yet epic solo that is both heartfelt and evil. This band unfortunately didn't release much more than this album, which is a shame. Check out this band!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MOTD - Devin Townsend: Breaking the Break For Something Silly!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Devin Townsend
Song: Ants
Album: Infinity
Style: Progressive/Industrial/Atmospheric Metal (WTF AM I LISTENING TO METAL!)
country/location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
release: 1998

So I'm still technically on a break, but decided to take a break from the break. A few reasons, 1. As much as I love Britney Spears metalized, I didn't feel totally ok with the fact the last MOTD was Britney Spears, 2. Wanted to have something posted, 3. This song is really silly. 4. Just felt like it! So basically I'm posting a silly song to cover up another silly song!

Anyways, Devin Townsend almost needs no introduction, but he is one of the more (most?) respected musicians in metal. He is also one of the most bizarre and bi-polar musicians ever. One minute he's performing in Strapping Young Lad producing some of the most intense, FUCK YOU spewing music ever, the next he is writing some of the most beautiful, ambient and calming metal ever (yes it's possible. Then sometimes he just has a silly side. This song, Ants, kinda takes all three sides (especially the silly) and mixes it together into a 2 minute smorgasbord of sound. At points it sounds like a chaotic grind-like thing, then it goes into a polka like "what the heck am I listening to?" thing. It's great! Well enjoy this little wtf thing! (it's even more bizarre if you follow it with some 1950s folk music)

Monday, July 6, 2009

the MOTD is in the middle of another break. I've been so busy with stuff I haven't had the time I like to devote to it and admittedly I need another break for a little while so I can get my writing-description batteries recharged. Do not worry, I got tons of stuff that I want to share coming up!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

MOTD - Britney Spears: And now for something completely different... (metal remix)

Mp3 Of The Day

(tried to find a pic of her in corpse paint, but no luck)

Band/Artist: Britney Spears (don't know who did the remix)
Song: Toxic (metal/rock remix)
Album: In The Zone (remix not on album I think)
Style: Pop, dance-pop, electronica (with a touch of metal)
country/location: United States
release: 2002

And now for something completely different... Yep, I'm interrupting the old school metal series to post Britney Spears! And yes, many of you are going to facepalm over this, but there's reason to my madness (well, not really haha). So about a week or two ago, a video/mp3 of a version of Katy Perry's song "I Kissed A Girl" appeared on the internets. This version took Ms. Perry's vocals off this pop tune and put them over an originally written/record power metal backing track. It was really well done and worked beautiful. This little mashup reminded me of another silly but kick ass metalized pop song (though admittedly the Katy Perry one is a little bit more well constructed).

When I first heard this metalized version of the uber catchy Britney Spears song, Toxic, I was flabbergasted (great word). I'll admit that I enjoy the song without the alterations (it's a really catchy song! sosumi!), however it got ten times more awesome with the extra metal muscle. Unlike the Katy Perry mashup, this version of Toxic isn't a perfect backing track nor is the instrumental sections particularly original. There's one backing track that provides the chugging rhythm section, with another soloing guitar that follows Britney's vocals, which sounds awesome (I think). Unfortunately, you can still hear a good chunk of the un-doctored song, but the added metal power works really well in parts, especially in the instrumental breaks. My one complain is the pop beats are a bit too predominant and the song should have all metal drums, but eh, I still find the whole experience a lot of fun. Many of you seasoned metalheads will go "ARG WREN!" and yes it's a commercialized radio friendly danceable pop song with a metal background, but gosh darn I think it's awesome and fun!

(don't worry, the old school metal series will return for the next MOTD! A band that shares the same name as a popular alternative rock band, but imo better!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

MOTD - Chinawite: A Dark and Heavy NWOBHM Cheap Trick-esc Anthem

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Chinawite
Song: Blood On The Streets
Album: Blood On The Streets (single)
Style: NWOBHM/Heavy Metal
country/location: Sheffield, UK
release: 1983

Ok one more China named band! But don't worry this band kicks ass. I wasn't originally going to include it in this old school series, but then I decided it'd be a shame to not include it. Chinawite came along later in the NWOBHM era, but compared to the other China bands were slightly more successful album wise and label wise. Unlike the other two bands, they were signed to Mausoleum Records, a pretty decent NWOBHM label, and release a full length studio album. This track comes from a single released in 1983 (though none of these songs).

Anyways, this track is a dark but hugely catchy anthem. I'd describe it as a heavier and darker Cheap Trick. The vocalist has that clean but still rockin, high-registered though not high-pitched, almost pretty boy sounding style that almost contradicts the dark tough boy lyrics about a fight on the streets (at least that's what I gather). This is on top of gloomy power chords and an anthemic rhythm section with lots of reverb to the drums. The song is a well constructed song with the verses, chorus and instrumental sections flowing into each other. There's a groovy funk-like guitar line that appears a couple times, as well as the requisite dark solo (which is really simple though awesome). It's a greatly underappeciated gem, and one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MOTD - Chinatown: Old School Anthemic Metal Recorded Live!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Chinatown
Song: No Time To Kill
Album: Play It To Death
Style: NWOBHM/Heavy Metal
country/location: Fareham, UK
release: 1981

Yes, it's another band that begins with China, deal with it! Not my fault that there are a few good NWOBHM bands with China in their name! (at least three that I'm going to share with you!)

Whenever I saw lists of bands who made up the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) movement, Chinatown always seemed to be on those lists along with Iron Maiden, Saxon and others. Like the previous bands in this series, they didn't release much, only a demo and a live album. However they made some pretty fantastic heavy music. They started off as a glam-inspired band before moving into heavy metal territory, though that influence is still somewhat there in the anthemic riffs and the high pitched vocals. This song's riffs are simple and catchy, while still being hard edged. The rhythm section isn't particularly extravagant, but they pound away hard rocking rhythms and keep the pace strong. This track was recorded live at a show sometime in 1981 and wow does it sound good for an early 80s live recording. Every instrument sounds clear and the reverb on the lead singer is pristine. It's a great gem of a heavy metal song!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

MOTD - China Doll: Oysters and Wine are Heavy Metal Delicious

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: China Doll
Song: Oysters And Wine
Album: Oysters And Wine (single)
Style: NWOBHM/Heavy Metal
country/location: Poole, Dorset, UK
release: 1980

Well throw me a grenade I've been really really bad at this posting regularly thing! Sure I've been busy with work, shows, and travels, but seriously no excuse!

So the old school series continues with this un-metally named band, China Doll. This UK based band only released a 2 song single/demo back in 1980, but for only two songs they said a lot. This song in particular is a nice slab of old school metal. China Doll by today's standards wouldn't be considered all that heavy, and honestly even in their day, they weren't the heaviest band. However, the early metal elements are all there, powerful and driving riffs played by razor sharp guitars, a hard rockin' rhythm section, melodic but forceful vocals and a lot of soulful but shredding solos and licks. This song has a little bit of Beatles influence as evident by the very playful and creative lyrics; some of the guitar lines have an almost old rock and roll quality to them, while others seem to be plucked rather than strummed. Despite it being an old recorded single, the production is pretty damn clear. You can hear every instrument and every line sung by the singer, and yet it has a raw and almost punk atmosphere to it (plus you can barely hear the cracks and pops of the record). This song is a true old school gem and deserves to be enjoyed more! I'd be interested to know what happened to them as well.

Friday, June 5, 2009

MOTD - Behemoth: Old school Swedish Heavy Metal that sounds like old school British Heavy Metal

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Behemoth
Song: Death Wings
Album: Death Wings (single)
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Sundsvall, Sweden
release: 1982

Around the early 1980s, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was in full force, churning out hundreds of bands. Some that made it, and some that never released more than a demo. Meanwhile, other parts of the world were starting to follow suit. Sweden by this time had a number of bands releasing demos and albums. This band, Behemoth, is one of those bands. (much to the surprise of everyone, I initially got this band because of the fact they share the same name as a more well known Polish black/death metal band hehe)

Behemoth shares a lot of similarities to the NWOBHM sound, the gritty guitars, being highly melodic but still rough, the slight punk atmosphere and speed. So much are the similarities that they often get mistaken for a British band (even I made this mistake not too long ago). The song starts off with a melodic/shimmery guitar before blasting into blistering almost thrashy riffs that permeate the entire song. The song speeds along while the singer shows off his chops. His voice is a mid to high range, it's clean but still enough power and rock to follow the music. The guitarist is no solo slouch. The solos are melodic but incredibly fast and skillful. The production certainly adds to the gritty nature of the music, and wonderfully so. It's a delicious old school gem!

Monday, June 1, 2009

MOTD - Sweet Savage: Ol' Sweet Ass Metal

Mp3 Of The Day

: Sweet Savage
Song: Take No Prisoners
: Take No Prisoners (single)
: Heavy Metal/NWOBHM
: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
: 1981

Ok the wait is over! Time for me to bring back the METAL!!! Jeez, it's been way too long since the last time I've posted one of these. Granted I've been busy with work, shows, Maryland Death Fest, the aftermath of the fest, general laziness and my usual writer's block/anxiety (I want my writeups to be the best they can be!), and sickness. Well, I'm writing this as I recover from the swine flu (ok, maybe or maybe not!).

Anyway, last time, we had started a series of obscure/semi-obscure metal bands from the late 70s and early 80s. Continuing with this theme, the next band is a slightly more well known band, Sweet Savage. This band, hailing from Northern Ireland, was one of the more major bands of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). Obviously not as big as Iron Maiden or Saxon, but still influential enough for Metallica to cover one of their songs (not this one however). This rockin track comes off of one of their first (if not first) demo/singles released in 1981. You can hear a lot of the major elements of the NWOBHM sound, gritty hard rockin guitars, a bouncing almost galloping rock rhythm, a punk-like atmosphere and speed, melodic but gruff vocals. Like the Horsepower song, it has a catchy-ish chorus, but it's different in the sense that it's more rough and dirty. And what great metal song doesn't have a ripping shredding solo? Certainly not this one! This track is a great heavy metal gem, a song worthy of it's history (yeah not sure what that means, but I like that! haha).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so boys and girls

I'm going to be going to Maryland tomorrow! I'm going to be away from the computer and the internet until Monday. So as you can imagine, no MOTD for a week or so (like I've been keeping up haha! So it's probably for the best to take a break from it.  But don't worry it'll be back!  I got tons of awesome stuff for you!)

Looking forward to hanging out and meeting some of my online metal buddies!  It's going to be a blast!

If you want to follow my adventures and my quick reviews of all the bands I'm going to see, follow my twitter!
(I know I swore I'd never use twitter, but for quick reviews of bands, it's pretty good and easy!)

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

MOTD - Horsepower: Time To Take It 1979 Old School

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Horsepower
Song: Highway Robbery
Album: Outrageous (single)
Style: Heavy Metal/NWOBHM
country/location: US/UK
release: 1979

Ok boys and girls, it's time to take it old school! And I mean really old school! Like late 70s, 80s old school! It's also time to bring to light some bands that didn't get the fortune of becoming huge name bands! For the next several MOTDs, I'll be posting old school metal bands, many of which never released much more than a single or a demo. Some of them have enough of a cult following that their names might ring a bell or two, like Chinatown or Incubus. While others have been lost to the sands of time only to be rediscovered by record collectors and the internet, like Existance and Tiger Force. (also I was/still am to an extent on a huge old school obscure metal kick and want to share some of my finds)

Starting things off, I present to you one of my favorite finds, Horsepower! While they're often listened among with the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement of the late 70s and early 80s, this band formed in Philadelphia. Only because they relocated to the UK and released this two song single did they become part of the NWOBHM. Whatever their label or location, this band rules, specifically this song. This midpaced song starts off with an incredibly awesome riff that is heavy (for it's time) and infectious. The singer gives a clean and bluesy performance that is passionate as well as rocking. With a mid range that is easy to sing along with and lyrics that are simple but effect, this is a great road trip song that will have you belting out even the high notes! And there are high notes! And what good old metal song is without a solo? The two guitarists play off each other in the solo section, utilizing different guitar tones and sounds. It's a well written hard rock/heavy metal song, and Horsepower perform it awesomely. This is definitely a song that will stay in your brain for days, and pleasantly so! And I call that, oooh, highway robbery!

Horsepower - Highway Robbery

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MOTD - Thismeansyou: In Your Face Thrash Melodic Viciousness

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Thismeansyou
Song: Wtfww
Album: Reviving The Apparently Dead
Style: Power Metal/Melodic Death Metal/Commercialized Thrash/Awesome Metal
country/location: Charlottesville, Virginia, US
release: 2007

It's always a joy to post a band that features a friend. It's especially a joy when the friend's band kicks major ass! It's my pleasure to present Thismeansyou, the band of the incredibly metal ! Strangely enough, I was aware of this group even before I had met the bald and sexy one. I had downloaded one of their tracks in my random browsings of metal bands a couple years ago, a track that kicked major ass. Not sure why I didn't pursue them further, but damn I'm glad I've been reintroduced.

Thismeansyou is what would happen if you took the best and catchiest parts of (dare I say) commercialized modern metal and combined it with the intensity and awesomeness of thrash and melodic death metal. Don't let the term commercialized scare you off, for they blend that extra sheen with the intensity and in your face-ness of thrash incredibly well. This band goes from playing hard hitting melodic lines to punching you with thrash-tactular blasts, which include thrashing guitars, pounding drums, and furious bass. The vocals come from a highly vicious chick who just spouts out aggression and brutality, while still allowing for melodic and clean singing (without loosing the intensity). This song is probably one of their most thrash inspired track, fast and furious! And what thrash song is without a blistering solo? Definitely not this awesome track! Anyways, check these guys out! I personally can't wait until they come up to Boston and knock the socks off of the people up here!

Thismeansyou - wtfww

If you like what you hear, buy the album!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

MOTD - Crucified Barbara: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Chicks Kick Ass

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Crucified Barbara
Song: Losing The Game
Album: In Distortion We Trust
Style: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
country/location: Stockholm, Sweden
release: 2005

Crucified Barbara is an all female band whose game is plain, uber catchy and fun but still razor edged, heavy metal! While definitely not the heaviest band ever, these chicks haven't lost that heavy metal, rock n' roll feel. Now some of you might disapprove at this band, especially this song, but I find it a fun and enjoyable listen. The guitarists churn out some kick ass, infectious riffs as well can solo with the best of them (though they're not super shredders, but they don't need to be), the drummer and the bassist are no slouches. The singer provides a hard rock but melodic delivery that has both an edge as well as a pop quality to it. That pop quality might turn a lot of elite metalheads away. This song isn't one of their heaviest songs, but I choose it for a reason that will cause many of you to lose the game and groan hehe. Despite this silly and seemingly awful reason for post this song, I did want to share this band for they rule in their own right!

Crucified Barbara - Losing The Game

Sunday, May 3, 2009

MOTD - The Plasmatics: Gritty and Raw Metal/Punk Kickassness

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: The Plasmatics
Song: Doom Song
Album: Metal Priestess (ep)
Style: Heavy Metal, Punk
country/location: New York, US
release: 1981

So many many years ago, before I was the awesome metalhead I am today, I was volunteering at this little record store called Hi-Fi Records in Jamaica Plain. One day I was sorting the vinyl section and I came across this record entitled "Metal Priestess" with one of the more provocative covers I had seen. I showed it to the manager guy who was like "OH shit! It's the Plasmatics!" and proceeded to blast it. I was like "This rules!" Of course the manager decided that he must just have to keep it for himself. Since then whenever I went into a record store, I'd always look for it. Thanks to the internet, I have since acquired that record in a digital form (though I'm still on the lookout for the physical copy)! This track was one of the candidates for the Doom theme for the "Request a theme" set and it was so awesome that I'm posting it now!

Mixing punk and metal with theatrics and intensity that would make most later day theatrical black metal bands seem like kids play, The Plasmatics did it all! Back in the early 80s, this band produced kick ass, over-the-top but still raw heavy metal/punk. Led by Wendy O Williams who would everything from stripping on stage to driving cars through brick walls to who knows what else, this was the talked about band. (I mean look at that cover!) With a gruff and powerful set of lungs, WOW would spout out lyrics about sex, drugs, and violence. All this over gritty guitars playing a range of punk riffs and heavy metal riffs. I hesitate to call them speed metal, but the sound is almost at that point. This song is a classic example of this style, with an apocalyptic introduction with errie keyboards and Wendy speaking with cautionary conviction. No metal/punk song is complete with a shredding guitar solo which is delivered in a chaotic manner. Strangely enough, the ep this song is off of was produced by Dan Hartman who produced such acts as .38 Special and James Brown. He does a great job of making every instrument heard while keeping the gritty, raw feel this band strives for. Basically this song kicks so much ass!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

MOTD - Alter Bridge: Metal or not metal, this song kinda kicks ass

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Alter Bridge
Song: Ties That Bind
Album: Blackbird
Style: Heavy metal/Hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge
country/location: Orlando Florida
release: 2007

Since the birth of metal, there has always been the debate of what is metal and what isn't. Was 80's hair/glam metal? Was/is Korn ever a metal band? Why isn't Slipknot considered metal, they're heavier than Iron Maiden? Is metalcore a metal genre or not? Now my opinion on a lot of these questions and in general is yes, but I don't usually argue them to the ends of the earth (with hair/glam metal being a notable exception for it is a metal genre!). Now I present to you a track that I consider metal, but many others might not. Surprisingly it comes from a band that used to be called Creed...

This band Alter Bridge is essentially the instrumental parts of Creep plus singer/guitarist Myles Kennedy. I don't know much about their first albums, but this song sounds nothing like the old Creed. First of all, it's heavier and more riff/groove oriented. None of this radio friendly slow stuff. The riffs sound almost power metal in origin, the main one being particularly kick ass (at least I think so). The other main difference is Myles sounds like an strong, but melodic rock vocalist, opposed to whiney, teeth clenched, Eddie Vedder-sounding style of Scott Stapp. It's a very clean but still heavy style that works well for fast paced, chugging verses and the anthemic chorus. The chorus is so damn catchy and epic, I love it. I suppose that many elitist metalheads will argue against this, and when I first got introduced to this, I was skeptical too. Now it's one of my favorite tracks and it gets stuck in my head way too often! haha

Alter Bridge - Ties That Bind

Saturday, April 18, 2009

MOTD - Zerfetzer: Warhammer 40k Smashed Hamster sorta

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Zerfetzer
Song: Hammer Smashed Hamster
Album: Emergenza Bonus CD (demo)
Style: Heavy/Thrash Metal
country/location: Paterzell, Bavaria, Germany
release: 2006

Lol! So some of you might remember from like two months ago I had people request themes that I would post a song relating to that theme. Well I've already posted the initial three that I received. There was a fourth that came along that I was tempted to try. Warhammer 40k was the request (or something similar). I came across a song entitled "Hammer Smashed Hamster" and decided that this song was the perfect representation of Warhammer 40k. Even more amazingly enough, I had the track already!

There's not too much to say about Zerfetzer (which means Zerfetzer in German) other than they're a fun and clever German heavy metal band with some thrash aspects. Nothing ground breaking about their music, but they are pretty decent songwriters and create some damn infectious riffs. This song is a hilarious brooding song about a guy who wants to join a Satanic band (metal I'm assuming). So to prove his evilness, he gets a hamster from a pet store with the intention to smash it with a hammer. Of course, he fails in several amusing ways. The music follows the story pretty awesomely going from the brooding dark feel of the verses to a faster almost death/thrash style during the chorus. I'm not crazy about the vocals for this band, but they're far from awful (though his extreme style could use some work). It is nice to hear some full bodied double bass drum. None of this trigger or light tap sounding stuff. It is a catchy little gem of a song. Hopefully a worthy song for Warhammer 40k, but if not, it's definitely worth a listen!

Zerfetzer - Hammer Smashed Hamster

Monday, April 13, 2009

MOTD - Chris Appleton: A Melodic, Shredding, Kick Ass Guitarist

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Chris Appleton
Song: Harley-Quin
Album: The Machine
Style: Heavy Metal/Shred
country/location: Manchester, UK
release: 2005

This post is dedicated in a silly fashion to my friends' cat who is named Harlequin. Harley-Quin is close enough hehe. I seriously did want to post this guy too so it works perfectly.

For awhile, I had a strange curiosity to solo projects. Shred projects, prog projects, etc. Whenever I browsed the metal archives, I'd always stop at the solo artists (specifically full named solo artists like Marty Friedman or Pete Prodoehl). Anyways, I came upon this guy, Chris Appleton, and on a whim, bought his little five song EP. Much to my surprise, it's really good stuff. Shredding, melodic heavy metal without the ego boosting pretension. I mean, the guy is an amazing player, able to shred tall buildings in a single bound, but he's also able to play in a melodic riff-oriented fashion as well. The melodies here are infectious and his incredibly skillful playing works with the composition of the song opposed to be just random showing off shredding that doesn't fit. That said, he does show of a bit and damn he's good. The best aspect about this song is that it's short and to the point. He doesn't drag the song out longer than he needs to. I wouldn't mind hearing a longer version myself, but it shows his restraint by keeping things concise. Chris is definitely a talented musician worth checking out.

Chris Appleton - Harley-Quin

Saturday, April 11, 2009

MOTD - And now for an amusing interlude featuring Nathan Explosion and Zimmers Hole

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Zimmers Hole feat. Nathan Explosion from Dethklok
Song: The Vowel Song
Album: When You Were Shouting At The Devil...We Were In League With Satan
Style: Speed/Thrash/Death Metal
country/location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
release: 2008

Think of today's MOTD as more of an interlude or an intermission or just a random track I felt like sharing or me wanting to post something from work, but can't remember what was next on my list.

A friend of mine is discovering her love for Nathan Explosion and I remembered this hilarious and kick ass little gem of a song/track. Essentially it's Nathan attempting to read a little announcement about how there's a literacy problem in America. Of course, he can't read himself so he just pretty much butchers it and then adds his own commentary. He then introduces Zimmers Hole who come in full death/speed/thrash metal glory singing the vowels of the English alphabet like it's the coming of Satan himself. And in true parody/comedy metal style, the lyrics that follow seem to make no particular sense. Amazingly enough the musical part is really awesome and well done. It's a silly track that's a lot of fun. AEIOU and SOMETIMES Y!!!

Zimmers Hole feat. Nathan Explosion from Dethklok - The Vowel Song

Friday, April 10, 2009

MOTD - Gayang Kulintangan: Tribal/Ethnic Asean Brutal Death Metal Part 2

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Gayang Kulintangan
Song: Kinoposikan do Mondou
Album: Lambayad Naga do Totuvong
Style: Ethnic/Tribal/Avant-Garde Brutal Death Metal
country/location: Sabah, Malaysia
release: 2008

So just over a year ago, I was doing a MOTD series of bands from less-known-metal countries. I posted this incredibly unique band called Gayang Kulintangan Revolt, who hail from Malaysia. They create what can best be described as Tribal Brutal Death Metal. Some of you might remember this. The song I posted "Kinoposikan do Mondou" was only a sample, for despite my legal and illegal efforts I couldn't find the full track. I said that I'd post the full song if I ever got my hands on it.

About a month later I get an email from one of the band while googling his band. Henry said that he'd be willing to send me a copy of their album in exchange for three cases of Marlboro Red cigarettes. I was totally down with that, but I later realized that sending them might have some difficulties so I never got around to it.

Fast forward to November when I get a mass message (somewhere I don't remember exactly) from the guy saying that the project had been reformed sorta. Well, it went from a band to more of a one man project reissuing/re-recording the old tracks while expanding upon the ideas. Even better, he was selling a new album/compilation on (links to their page). So I bought it right away. Not only did I get the album, he also sent a second album of stuff which includes a description on how the listening experience should take place and/or it was recorded. Totally awesome!

Well, as I promised, here is the full track of Kinoposikan do Mondou. My description from a year ago still holds true, though this version is even more raw and brutal than before and with even more of a traditional/ethnic feel. It's a beautiful blend of western brutal death metal and Traditional South-East Asean Sounds. With blast beats, guttural vocals, crunchy heavy guitars over layed with Gamelan gongs/instruments, the Kulintangan (a xylophone like instrument), tribal sounding screeches, and other traditional nuances. It's awesome stuff. Like I said a year ago, this is definitely for fans of Nile and like minded bands. And if Henry who emailed me a year ago reads this, thank you for making such creative and awesome music! I can't wait to hear more from you!

Gayang Kulintangan - Kinoposikan do Mondou

Thursday, April 9, 2009

MOTD - Attika: An old school power/heavy metal gem from Florida

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Attika
Song: The Motherlode
Album: Attika
Style: Power/Heavy Metal
country/location: Melbourne, Florida, US
release: 1988

So whenever a friend or buddy of mine goes somewhere, I always look up metal bands from that area. It's a weird quirk of mine, but often it leads me to awesome bands. A month ago a buddy of mine went down to Melbourne Florida, and as a result of my little quirk I discovered Attika.

This Melbourne Florida based power/heavy metal band was active in the late 80s and early 90s releasing two albums before disappearing into the abyss of time. While they weren't the most original band out there, Attika are definitely worth a listen. The guitarist churns out some pretty sick riffs at points and can shred with the best of them. He's certainly no Yngwie, but his solos are more melodic and slightly more blues inspired than the usual 80s/90s soloist. The vocalist is both unique and bland in his delivery. It's a rock inspired natural style with no falsetto or anything. It's nice to hear someone not trying to be Dickinson or King Diamond. The drummer is pretty good and the bassist comes through doing his thing at points. There are couple quirks to this track like a thrashy solo section that transitions into a country/blues-esc section that morphs back into heavy metal riffing. It's kinda random but pretty awesome. Attika is not a classic band by any means but they certainly are a gem worth checking out.

Attika - The Motherlode

Monday, April 6, 2009

MOTD - Up and Coming: Heaven and Hell

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Heaven And Hell
Song: Bible Black
Album: The Devil You Know
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: New York/Birmingham
release: 2009

(sorry, another bout of writer's block haha, I apologize!)

Well this is sorta a first! The first time I've posted a song before the album release! Also the first time I've posted a "single" hehe. I figured that along with the old and previously released, I should post some up and coming stuff once and awhile. And what better way to do this, than with one of the more anticipated albums of the year by a classic but new band! (at least anticipated by me hehe)

That classic but new band is the legendary Heaven and Hell! While the band name is new, you might know these guys better as Black Sabbath. Well the Black Sabbath that featured Dio, Toni Iommi, Geezer Butler, Vinny Appice (and Scott Warren)! A few years ago, this lineup reunited to do tour together and perform songs from those days under the name Heaven and Hell (as not to infringe upon the original Ozzy-fronted lineup). The creative and metal spark was so strong that this group of metal legends decided to record a new album. This song comes off of that album that comes out in April.

These musicians are still in full glorious metal form! Dio sounds the best in years, still incredibly powerful is his vocals while not being overly aggressive. Just the perfect blend of melody and evil. Iommi is still a master of the riffs, churning out powerful, awesome, crushing audible doom. Geezer is in full form laying down the low end backup to Iommi. Vinny Appice isn't the most incredible drummer in the genre, but his simplicity works well with the music created by the band. This song is an awesome combination of pure doom heaviness, rock sensibilities and evil storytelling. With lyrics like:

"He reached for a book all bound in leather
Something that he knows he's never read
And the first page says beware you've found the answer
The next one says I wish that you were dead..."

A little cliched, but still awesome! (totally love that part!) The track is a natural evolution and continuation of the style and sound they created with the three songs they did for The Dio Era best of package. The song starts off slow and haunting before exploding into dooming epic-ness. It's infectious and wonderfully singalongable (I found myself singing along with it). It's weird, the first couple listens I absolutely loved this song, but after awhile it started to drag in parts. Now it's one of my favorite songs and I'm totally excited for the new album. See what you think!

(note: It seems that I acquired a "radio-edit" of sorts. This track is about 4 minutes 30 seconds while the full track is 6 minutes. Think of it as a long teaser and get the full track with the album when it comes in at the end of April!)

Heaven and Hell - Bible Black

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MOTD - Spider Killed Bananaman

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Spider Killed Bananaman
Song: Cut Off Her Tongue
Album: Demo 2008
Style: Deathcore
country/location: Lüdinghausen-Seppenrade, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
release: 2008

Oh man, I hope this post doesn't scare too many people away haha. One of these things I had to do. Well, I didn't, but I'm going anyways! About a week or so ago, I found myself going through a strange deathcore curiosity phase. Maybe not looking for the best or most original bands, but looking up bands with some of the more bizarre band names. This band I think set it off and dare I say, understandably so. Also, I used this song to test my new webspace, so I feel a certain obligation to post it hehe. And strangely enough I like it , though it's far from fantastic.

Anyways, Spider Killed Bananaman is a deathcore band from Germany, and a typical, unoriginal one at that (aside from the band name). All the pieces are here, chunky riffs, slightly more guttural metalcore-ish vocals with some pig squealish moments, generic breakdowns, etc. While most of this will probably turn about 90% of you away, it's worth a listen. There are far worse deathcore bands out there. Some of their riffs are actually pretty good, the main one being quite catchy and well executed. The vocals are pretty strong for this style, even the pig squeals aren't horribly done (then again that style doesn't bother me as much as some). I find this band strangely enjoyable. That all said obviously without their name, I doubt even I would've been drawn to check them out. Again, I won't be surprised if this turns a bunch of people off haha. Well, see what you think for those who are curious!

Spider Killed Bananaman - Cut Off Her Tongue

Monday, March 23, 2009

MOTD - Chrome Division: For The Bad Ass, Booze Drinking, Motorcyclin' Rock N Roll/Heavy Metal Fan

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Chrome Division
Song: Doomsday Riders
Album: Booze, Broads & Beelzebub
Style: Heavy Metal, Rock & Roll
country/location: Oslo, Norway
release: 2008

So remember that request thing I set up? Where I had people suggest a theme and I do a post (or two or three) relating to the theme? Well, someone really wanted some doom metal, but since it's a theme-based requesting, I decided to use something doom related. Now doing a doom metal song would be cheating.

Instead I'm doing a Motorhead-esc, ball kicking, motorcycle ridin', booze drinking, sleazy, speedy heavy metal song featuring Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir and has the word "doom" in the title! Oh man this is some good stuff! Gritty guitars, fast drumming, snarling vocals is what this band is all about. This is the type of music you'd blast as you drive down the highway on the way to nowhere in particular. Actually this song is about that specifically, just on the road. Also, picking up girls along the way and drinking beer. The riffs are spot on for this style and they are in your face while being infectious. The whole thing is just well done and strong. I must admit, I didn't think Shagrath had it in him to do some good ol' fashioned rock and rolling metal. The lead vocalist has a gruff sound that works awesomely with this style. The band just slices through this song like butter! Perfectly "doom" I gotta say hehe. Highly recommended to the bad ass road tripper!

Chrome Division - Doomsday Riders

Sunday, March 22, 2009

MOTD - Anj: Prog thrash/heavy metal mixed with Russian politics and Gogol Bordello (plus music video!)

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Anj or АнЖ
Song: Gorbachev
Album: Russian Roulette
Style: Progressive Thrash/Heavy Metal
country/location: Moscow, Russia
release: 2008

So what happens when you mix Megadeth with Gogol Bordello and add a little bit of Russian politics and progressive craziness? You got Anj! This band was introduced to me by a friend of mine via an incredibly hilarious and bizarre music video (which is presented below along with the track!). Hailing from Moscow, they create an incredibly creative and catchy sound that literally sounds like if a prog thrash metal band decided to jam with Gogol Bordello. The song starts off with an awesome thrashy riff that then goes into the quieter verse with the lead vocalist singing English but with a strong and emotional Russian accent (surprise). The chorus is catchy and dare I say radio friendly ending with him singing "GORBACHOV!!!" It's infectious and strange (enough that I'm posting this now opposed to later). What's a metal song without a solo, and well at least a catchy little solo that morphs into a Russian influenced polka-esc jig that brings this crazy song to it's conclusion. The music video is even more hilarious and brilliant, involving Stalin zombies attacking hot working women and a heroic viking-like wrestler-looking Gorbachev (we assume) saving these women, all the while the band plays over Russian/Shepard Fairy-esc propaganda images. I now really want to see these guys live for they seem like they would be a lot of fun!

Anj - Gorbachev

Saturday, March 21, 2009

MOTD - Death Brings Back to Life the MOTD!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Death
Song: Overactive Imagination
Album: Individual Thought Patterns
Style: Death Metal
country/location: Tampa, Florida, US
release: 1993

Finally! The MOTD is back! I finally have some webspace, I gave myself a bit of a break as well and now I'm ready to bring you world-class, kick ass (most of the time), headbanging (again most of the time), Heavy FUCKING METAL!!! \m/

(of course after two weeks of not writing anything, I'm hit with a huge case of writer's block... typical haha. God dammit! I apologize guys, not sure what happened!)

This song was initially chosen because of a request for a song about imagination. Well, sorta. The person said she had no imagination, so I took that to mean that the theme should be imagination. That said, what better way to bring back the semi-daily metal than with the legendary Death! Yes, those of you who have followed the MOTD since before I took over might remember this song being posted years ago. Realized this after I decided to post this, so whoops! It's a great song, worth of a second posting!

Death is often cited as one of the first death metal bands and certainly one of the most influential. One can't speak of death metal's history without listing Death as one of the top bands. While Possessed beat them to the first death metal album, Death's style and aggression would be the cornerstone for hundreds of bands. Lead by mastermind guitarist/vocalist Chuck Schuldiner, Death's sound would evolve from being the standard of death metal to a even more incredible technical and progressive form of death metal. This track comes from the latter era. The song progresses awesomely, starting with no introduction, just exploding into full on death metally goodness. Chuck's riffs are artful and progressive while being fast, thrashy, and perfect for headbanging. The legendary Gene Hoglan blasts his way through the song with precision. The bass follows the technical and brutal aspects perfectly. The one thing I love about Chuck's solos is that the tone has the same quality throughout his works. Sorta like how Blind Guardian has their own unique distortion tone. The vocals are more of a raspy kind of death growl than the usual deep guttural style, which works perfectly for this sound. Dare I say that you can actually here what he's saying. Death growling along to the words is fun I gotta say, especially when he says the title line "IT'S AN OVER... ACTIVE... IMAGINATION!" This song is proof that death metal can be headbangingly awesome and still be progressive and well constructed. And definitely a kick ass way to bring back the MOTD! And despite the writer's block, this song has yet to disappoint me!

Death - Overactive Imagination

(note: I wanted to get this first post up before I started reuploaded the older tracks. Either tomorrow or Sunday, I'll reupload the last two entries. If anyone wants me to upload any other tracks, let me know)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

So it seems that my webspace "host" for the mp3s has dropped me. Granted I've been uploading them to my old college's server for a year or so now, so this comes at no surprise, but I wasn't expecting it for awhile.

I'm working on getting a new webspace host to upload the tracks, either through my bestest buddy ever or just suck it up and buy some space myself (if any of you have any suggestions of servers or groups or whatever to purchase from, I'll check them out and forever be in your debt!).

So for the time being the MOTD are on hold, hopefully won't be for too long. Also as a result, all the previous tracks are unavailable as well. When I get things back on track and you want me to reupload any, I'll do it. (obviously I'm not going to upload everything, but a few tracks here and there I'll do.)

Anyways, thank you for being patient and awesome! \m/

Monday, February 23, 2009

MOTD - Necropsy: Make Believin' Early 90s Turkish Thrash

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Necropsy
Song: Make Me Believe
Album: Speed Lessons Part 1 demo
Style: Speed/Thrash Metal
country/location: Istanbul, Turkey
release: 1992

So that next theme in the "Theme request" thinger wasn't really a request, but I took it as such anyways for the fun of it! A friend of mine/requester claimed to not have an imagination and thus couldn't think of anything. So I decided that her theme was imagination hehe. I did a quick search through my collection and came up with a couple fantastic choices. This song, Make Me Believe, came up last minute and in the first couple seconds I was like "gotta post this." I also had another option that I had to post, so imagination gets two songs! (my imagination at work... sorta!)

Hailing from Turkey, Necropsy formed as a speed/thrash band back in the early 90s, releasing at least one EP of pure underproduced but still kick ass riffing thrash. Then they changed their name to Nekropsi and became a psychedelic rock/jazz/ethnic band. Not entirely sure how I got my hands on this EP (and if they came from one of my metal buddies and I'm forgetting, I apologize!) and even more so not sure how I didn't listen to this band before because they kinda rule. The production is a bit buzzy, but the riffs they have instantly grab you and don't let go. I mean, I heard the opening 30 seconds and I was like "gotta to post this now!" (well a couple days ago, but still) Not a huge fan of the vocals, but they are definitely thrash in nature and the song kicks ass so much that it's all good. The song has one of the coolest outros. Just when you think the song is going to end with a slowing build to the big crash, this kick ass, fast and catchy middle eastern sounding riff comes in and destroys you! Kinda curious how they sound now with their new sound, but I'll leave it to the imagination for now!. Anyways, totally awesome old school band worth checking out!

Necropsy - Make Me Believe

Thursday, February 19, 2009

MOTD - Sebastian Bach, an Aerosmith Cover, a Cameo and Republicans

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Sebastian Bach
Song: Back In The Saddle (Aerosmith cover)
Album: Angel Down
Style: Traditional/Heavy Metal
country/location: United States
release: 2007

(long write up today!)

So in one of the communities that I post I decided to have a little fun and take a few requests. Now the catch was that instead of requesting a band or song or genre, people were invited to request a theme or word or something and then in my crazy mind I'd post a song or band etc that relates to that theme or word. Like for example someone could request ponies, and I'd post a song that had ponies in the title or related to flying horses or who knows what. So I took about four requests (originally three, but a fourth popped up that was too good to ignore!) and I'll be posting these (and a few other gems that I found along the way) over the course of time. To the other places I post, I'll do another "request line" later on down the line!

Anyways, the first person took my example of ponies literally and requested a horse or horsies theme! I had several fantastic options but I came upon one that works in so many ways it was too good to not to post! Sebastian Bach has had quite a career since he and Skid Row parted ways, from selling out to the VH1 reality tv series to recording some pretty awesome heavy metal records to even doing some prog metal work. This song comes from his last solo record and features a bunch of amusing attributes. First of all, it's a heavier metal cover of an Aerosmith song, and dare I say a pretty awesome one at that. This version has all the power and heaviness of a Skid Row song with the added bluesy and catchy nature that Aerosmith songs tend to have. Heavier guitars, pounding drums, Bach's powerful set of vocal cords, it's all here. Second of all, this version has a very special guest singer, none other than Axl Rose from Guns N' Roses. His all to familiar snarl is still there adding to the novelty of the song. Third of all and this came about just after I decided to use this track, the Republicans decided that their mission to derail the stimulus vote needed a theme song... and yep, they chose "Back In The Saddle." Granted it wasn't this version, but still! haha! So here it is for your enjoyment and amusement. All humor aside, it is a damn catchy song and with the extra Bach-ness, it's kinda awesome. Awesome enough that even before all the amusing parts I was drawn to post it! It's definitely a fun listen!

Sebastian Bach - Back In The Saddle (Aerosmith cover)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MOTD - Hatebeak: Avian Supremacy (or I Found Waldo! He's a bird in a death metal band!)

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Hatebeak
Song: Bird Seeds Of Vengeance
Album: Hatebeak / Caninus
Style: Avian Death Metal
country/location: Baltimore, Maryland, US
release: 2005

So about a year ago for the MOTD I was doing a series of bizarre and unusual metal bands. Like metal bands fronted by pit bulls or Klingon death metal bands or hip hop/Danzig/emo/mammal sauce loving bands or Penis flytraps or bizarre death metal bands with vocals that sound like who knows what and stuff like that. There was one band that I didn't include for whatever reason. Since there's no time like the present and it was my birthday yesterday (weee I'm 24!), today is the day that Hatebeak is featured!

Hatebeak is a rather unusual band. Musically they're just a simple and chugging low-budget death metal band. Some nice riffs here and there, but nothing fancy or mind-blowing. Kinda has a grindcore feel (the length of the song for one thing). Some double bass drum action is used a bit here. Now the part about this band that is truly unique is the lead vocalist. Their vocalist is an African Grey Parrot by the name of Waldo. And man for a bird, the little guy can sure squawk his way through a death metal song. And man, the guy sure is opinionated. He growls about how birds are better than everyone else. Typical avian supremacy stuff but with a little bit of an African Grey edge. Obviously this band is a huge parody and novelty. Though birds are superior to everyone, I should know! hehe. Some people will find this band to be amusing and a good listen, while others will laugh for a moment and then switch to something else. You gotta give em points for originality and I must say that I enjoy them a bit hehe. Well check out these birds of a feather!

Hatebeak - Bird Seeds Of Vengeance

Monday, February 16, 2009

MOTD - Novembre: A Valentine's of Sorts

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Novembre
Song: Valentine
Album: Novembrine Waltz
Style: (progressive) Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
country/location: Rome, Italy
release: 2001

(this post was intended for Saturday so pretend it's still Valentine's Day hehe)

So now I'm going to be posting a bunch of random stuff. Some of the tracks are going to be the usual Wren randomness and some of them will be what you might call outtakes from previous series (including a reupload of a track that I only had a sample of). Anyways

So since today is Valentine's Day I felt like posting something Valentine's related. I did a quick search through my extensive collection only to find that I only had one track with the word Valentine in the title and it seemed like a good selection for this day. Instead of a silly humorous song, here's a nice and beautiful song!

Novembre is a band of many labels. They are often listed as a progressive metal band or as a gothic band or a doom band or a black/death band or even a combination of all the above. In the case of this track, the elements they utilize are incredibly melodic gothic-like guitar lines as well as progressive shifts. The song is loaded with gorgeous melodies, dare I say radio friendly hooks, as well as some heavy moments. Novembre is known for having moments that are quite brutal and extreme with harsh vocals and even the occasional blast beat, however this song isn't an example of that. There's a couple moments that you almost anticipate a screech or something from the vocalist, but he never does it and it works beautifully. The vocals here are very dead pan which works quite well with the melodies. This is the type of song that I'd introduce to someone who's only notion of metal is gore and death metal; An example of how metal can be heavy and gorgeous at the same time. This band is also the type of band that probably won't appeal to extreme and brutal metal fans, however with an open mind Novembre will reward you.

Novembre - Valentine