Sunday, May 3, 2009

MOTD - The Plasmatics: Gritty and Raw Metal/Punk Kickassness

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: The Plasmatics
Song: Doom Song
Album: Metal Priestess (ep)
Style: Heavy Metal, Punk
country/location: New York, US
release: 1981

So many many years ago, before I was the awesome metalhead I am today, I was volunteering at this little record store called Hi-Fi Records in Jamaica Plain. One day I was sorting the vinyl section and I came across this record entitled "Metal Priestess" with one of the more provocative covers I had seen. I showed it to the manager guy who was like "OH shit! It's the Plasmatics!" and proceeded to blast it. I was like "This rules!" Of course the manager decided that he must just have to keep it for himself. Since then whenever I went into a record store, I'd always look for it. Thanks to the internet, I have since acquired that record in a digital form (though I'm still on the lookout for the physical copy)! This track was one of the candidates for the Doom theme for the "Request a theme" set and it was so awesome that I'm posting it now!

Mixing punk and metal with theatrics and intensity that would make most later day theatrical black metal bands seem like kids play, The Plasmatics did it all! Back in the early 80s, this band produced kick ass, over-the-top but still raw heavy metal/punk. Led by Wendy O Williams who would everything from stripping on stage to driving cars through brick walls to who knows what else, this was the talked about band. (I mean look at that cover!) With a gruff and powerful set of lungs, WOW would spout out lyrics about sex, drugs, and violence. All this over gritty guitars playing a range of punk riffs and heavy metal riffs. I hesitate to call them speed metal, but the sound is almost at that point. This song is a classic example of this style, with an apocalyptic introduction with errie keyboards and Wendy speaking with cautionary conviction. No metal/punk song is complete with a shredding guitar solo which is delivered in a chaotic manner. Strangely enough, the ep this song is off of was produced by Dan Hartman who produced such acts as .38 Special and James Brown. He does a great job of making every instrument heard while keeping the gritty, raw feel this band strives for. Basically this song kicks so much ass!