Sunday, April 26, 2009

MOTD - Alter Bridge: Metal or not metal, this song kinda kicks ass

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Alter Bridge
Song: Ties That Bind
Album: Blackbird
Style: Heavy metal/Hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge
country/location: Orlando Florida
release: 2007

Since the birth of metal, there has always been the debate of what is metal and what isn't. Was 80's hair/glam metal? Was/is Korn ever a metal band? Why isn't Slipknot considered metal, they're heavier than Iron Maiden? Is metalcore a metal genre or not? Now my opinion on a lot of these questions and in general is yes, but I don't usually argue them to the ends of the earth (with hair/glam metal being a notable exception for it is a metal genre!). Now I present to you a track that I consider metal, but many others might not. Surprisingly it comes from a band that used to be called Creed...

This band Alter Bridge is essentially the instrumental parts of Creep plus singer/guitarist Myles Kennedy. I don't know much about their first albums, but this song sounds nothing like the old Creed. First of all, it's heavier and more riff/groove oriented. None of this radio friendly slow stuff. The riffs sound almost power metal in origin, the main one being particularly kick ass (at least I think so). The other main difference is Myles sounds like an strong, but melodic rock vocalist, opposed to whiney, teeth clenched, Eddie Vedder-sounding style of Scott Stapp. It's a very clean but still heavy style that works well for fast paced, chugging verses and the anthemic chorus. The chorus is so damn catchy and epic, I love it. I suppose that many elitist metalheads will argue against this, and when I first got introduced to this, I was skeptical too. Now it's one of my favorite tracks and it gets stuck in my head way too often! haha

Alter Bridge - Ties That Bind