Friday, April 10, 2009

MOTD - Gayang Kulintangan: Tribal/Ethnic Asean Brutal Death Metal Part 2

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Gayang Kulintangan
Song: Kinoposikan do Mondou
Album: Lambayad Naga do Totuvong
Style: Ethnic/Tribal/Avant-Garde Brutal Death Metal
country/location: Sabah, Malaysia
release: 2008

So just over a year ago, I was doing a MOTD series of bands from less-known-metal countries. I posted this incredibly unique band called Gayang Kulintangan Revolt, who hail from Malaysia. They create what can best be described as Tribal Brutal Death Metal. Some of you might remember this. The song I posted "Kinoposikan do Mondou" was only a sample, for despite my legal and illegal efforts I couldn't find the full track. I said that I'd post the full song if I ever got my hands on it.

About a month later I get an email from one of the band while googling his band. Henry said that he'd be willing to send me a copy of their album in exchange for three cases of Marlboro Red cigarettes. I was totally down with that, but I later realized that sending them might have some difficulties so I never got around to it.

Fast forward to November when I get a mass message (somewhere I don't remember exactly) from the guy saying that the project had been reformed sorta. Well, it went from a band to more of a one man project reissuing/re-recording the old tracks while expanding upon the ideas. Even better, he was selling a new album/compilation on (links to their page). So I bought it right away. Not only did I get the album, he also sent a second album of stuff which includes a description on how the listening experience should take place and/or it was recorded. Totally awesome!

Well, as I promised, here is the full track of Kinoposikan do Mondou. My description from a year ago still holds true, though this version is even more raw and brutal than before and with even more of a traditional/ethnic feel. It's a beautiful blend of western brutal death metal and Traditional South-East Asean Sounds. With blast beats, guttural vocals, crunchy heavy guitars over layed with Gamelan gongs/instruments, the Kulintangan (a xylophone like instrument), tribal sounding screeches, and other traditional nuances. It's awesome stuff. Like I said a year ago, this is definitely for fans of Nile and like minded bands. And if Henry who emailed me a year ago reads this, thank you for making such creative and awesome music! I can't wait to hear more from you!

Gayang Kulintangan - Kinoposikan do Mondou