Monday, December 19, 2011

MOTD - Beerhead: More Beer! and Thrash!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Beerhead
Song: Beerlover
Album: Beer Forever!
Style: Thrash Metal
Country/Location: Bydgoszcz, Poland
Release: 1990

Hello readers, here's a new post!

Nope, I'm not posting another Beerhead track! Yet I'm posting a Beerhead track! What's going on!? Actually, it turns out there was another band called Beerhead from Poland that was active around the same time as the other Beerhead. As a lover of novelties and multiple bands with the same name, I had to get this. Here's a selection for you!

This Beerhead is a lo-fi poorly produced thrash obscurity with beer/alcohol themes. Nothing about this band is meant to be taken seriously or analyzed in detail, this is just sloppy but enjoyable thrash metal. The guitars sound raw & thickly chunky, simple and to the point. The melodies & solos here aren't exactly the most thought out or composed, but they really shouldn't be. Vocals are monotonously death-raspy, sounding like a grumpy old dude who just stubbed his toe. One can easily tell that this was recorded on a tape deck with the most minimalist of equipment, almost on purpose. That said every aspect of their sound can be easily heard, though it is muddy & crackly. In reality that's what thrash should be, ugly & muddy. Basically the precursor to pizza thrash! This description may or may not convince folk to check this out, but really it's a fun listen. Check it out!

Friday, October 14, 2011

MOTD - Dream Theater: Infectious Overindulgance

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Dream Theater
Song: Endless Sacrifice
Album: Train Of Thought
Style: Progressive Metal
Country/Location: Long Island, New York, US
Release: 2003

Last Monday I finally sucked it up and went to see Dream Theater live. In the beginning of my love of metal, Dream Theater was among my favorite bands. I wouldn't call myself a super die hard John Petrucci is the end all of guitarists fan, but god damn they're fun to listen to. Their songs are catchy and anthemic as fuck, while their prog noodling makes me feel wonderfully inaduquate about my musical talents. As a result of their performance on Monday, I'm reliving my enjoyment of their over the top but infectious metal. I've also learned that they pull their shtick off brilliantly well live!

This track was a favorite of mine back in the good ol' days of my metal beginnings. I'd be hard pressed to call it one of their best, but god damn I loved it! "Endless Sacrifice" is from Train Of Thought, a bit of a transition album for Dream Theater. This album attempted to make Dream Theater's trademark heavy prog metal even heavier and crunchier. Petrucci utilizes a more modern & dare I say nu metal tone to his guitar plus groovier & darker riffs, which pairs nicely with the crisp & clear production. The songwriting definitely gets some cues from modern rock/metal bands of the time as evident by the dark intro & buildup to a chunky anthemic chorus that is impossible to get out of your head. However Dream Theater is true to their reputation, as there is at least 4 plus minutes of overindulgent skillful showing off and wankery. Jordan Rudess gets his moment to go nuts here as the rest of the song doesn't really lend itself to excessive keys. He throws in some cartoonish sounds that raise a chuckle. Again, while it's among my favorite Dream Theater songs, it may or may not convert people to their cause. That said it was good to hear it again after so many years on Monday, though admittedly it took me several moments to recognize it. I headbanged hard during the chorus!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

MOTD - Blind Ambitions: More than the usual chugidy chug chug

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Blind Ambitions
Song: Borders
Album: Blind Ambitions
Style: Melodic Metalcore/Hardcore
Country/Location: Canterbury UK
Release: 2011

Yep, this is a post written from a few days ago (having nothing to do but check out music I've acquired over the last few months but now actually having time to listen it and write about it is quite nice actually)!

Honestly can't say I remember when and why I downloaded this decent EP by this British melodic metalcore band, but hell I'm posting them anyways. Blind Ambitions hails from Canterbury, UK and play a very catchy blend of detuned metalcore & highly melodic hardcore. Low & thick groovy driving djent-like riffs provide one aspect, while anthemic leads ringing out in melodic passion is the other key to their sound. The singer/vocalist has a gruff delivery, resembling that of Hatebreed though with more emotion and less tough angst. Like most bands of their ilk, there's a health dose of chugidy chug breakdowns to allow for moshing & other activities in the pit but this element isn't over powering or annoying. I can't say this is my preferred metal/hardcore sound, Blind Ambitions are good for what they do and fans will eat them up. I did find myself enjoying this enough to post it here for those who would like this more. Blind Ambitions, keep doing your thing, you're fine by me!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MOTD - Visceral Disgorge: savagely ripping intestines out, gutting stomachs

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Visceral Disgorge
Song: Spastic Anal Lacerations
Album: Ingesting Putridity
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Country/Location: Baltimore, Maryland, US
Release: 2011

Another post? Gasp! Who would've thunk it!? The truth be told this post was written a day or two ago while I was waiting at Grafton Station in Grafton, Massachusetts waiting for 2 hours or so for the next Commuter Rail train to take me to Boston. Hey I was productive! Anyways...

So here's another Maryland Death Fest band that I enjoyed quite a bit back in May! One of the few Baltimore bands to be included in this years lineup and definitely a good choice to both open Day 4 of MDF. Visceral Disgorge are currently taking the brutal death metal banner savagely ripping it's intestines out, gutting it's stomach completely and then feeding it to vultures who then deposit the remains in some unknown desert where the bones are eaten by toxic bacteria who then somehow get incorporated into the fresh water supply of a neighboring town and then everyone gets infected with a disease that cause spastic anal lacerations. They do this with powerful brutal death riffs that are thick and juicy, while being edgy and raw. They have a perfect balance of fast blasting technical & moshable pounding slams for crowds to go wild for and for heads to bang. For a brutal death band, they incorporate a fair amount of groove & melody into the fray. The disgusting gurgaling vocals provide the final key to this grand onslaught. Always staying gutteral, solid and unrelenting. Visceral Disgorge is brutal death metal at it's tightest and sickest, definitely a band that fans of brutality will get a lot of perverted pleasure from. Check them out! If you get a chance to see them live, do it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MOTD - Beerhead: Beer + Motorhead

Mp3 Of The Day  

Band/Artist: Beerhead  
Song: Beer Is Everything  
Album: Killed by Beer  
Style: Speed Metal  
Country/Location: Zabrze, Poland 
Release: 1992

It's been ages since I've posted anything, it sucks!  The past several months I've discovered so many awesome bands that I want to share with the world!  I've also discovered some not so awesome bands that I still want to share with the world.  I've also discovered some bland bands that I want to share with the world (cus I'm like that).  Basically I want to share music with the world! Anyways, to the music we go!

In my tooling around the Metal-Archives, I stumbled across this ol' band Beerhead.  True to my usual I-check-out-bands-with-silly-or-funny-bandnames, I found a download of their 1992 demo.  Judging by the name, one could assume that Motorhead hugely influences this Polish outfit.  Well, they're so highly influenced that they're pretty much a Motorhead clone; a perfectly executed Motorhead clone.  The vocalist pulls a great Lemmy impersonation; so good that one could be easily convinced it is Lemmy.  The riffs are unrelenting non-stop punk infused metal, exactly like Motorhead.  The guitarist/s are no slouches at solos, fast but still with melody, exactly like Motorhead.  While definitely not an original sound, they pull it off well, plus they add in a nice concept novelty, everyone's favorite alcoholic beverage.  Every single song is about beer, drinking beer, looking for beer, wanting another beer, good beer, bad beer, Motorhead beer, beer beer.  Hell, they love their beer so much that I'm feeling the urge to drink a beer!  Unfortunately Beerhead kinda were a poor man's Motorhead, but they're solid at what they do and one can tell they're doing it for the fun of it.  Check it out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MOTD - Rivers Of Nihil: Technical Explosion

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Rivers Of Nihil
Song: Chambers of Civility
Album: Heirarchy
Style: Technical Death Metal
country/location: Reading, Pennsylvania, US
release: 2010

Boston has been graced with a slew of fantastic touring bands from all over! Last Wednesday was no exception with an explosive tech death outfit visiting from Pennsylvania.

When I say explosive, I mean a nuclear bomb worth of brutality, technical prowess & epic songwriting. Rivers Of Nihil are no slouches at their brand of skillfully played crushing death metal. The guitarists are fierce with their brutal as fuck riffs & kaleidoscopic licks, while the jazzy and progressive inspired drum blasting is fast and unrelenting. The vokillist is a beastly consistent growler, solid and gruff with a nice range. As technical as they are, they haven't forgotten the importance of appealing to simpler ears. They throw in enough chugging riffs and breakdowns to keep headbangers and moshers happy, even a couple ear catching djent/Meshuggah moments to please fans of dropped tuning. For fans of technical death as well as brutal death, Rivers Of Nihil are definitely a band to check out. Wicked nice dudes too! Check it out!

Friday, July 22, 2011

MOTD - Tiger Force: A Danish Heavy Metal Gem

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Tiger Force
Song: Track 2
Album: demo
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Denmark
release: 1985

Here's some super obscure but quality heavy metal for you! As many of you know, I have a love for old heavy metal demos from the 80s. A lot of great gems are found among these unknown bands. Tiger Force being a pretty great discovery in my trips around the internet. From Denmark, this little band played bordering thrash-shredding, riffing NWOBHM inspired heavy metal. The galloping rhythms is a dead giveaway of their influences as well as a riff that sounds stolen from Dio. The solos are more than competent. The vocalist is not particularly memorable, sounding like an average young male singer, but the charm is there. Not much is known about these guys unfortunately (the name of this song is open to speculation), but I'd be curious to learn what happened to them for they had some potential. Fans of traditional heavy metal will enjoy this. Check it out!

Monday, July 18, 2011

MOTD - Texas In July: Christian melodic Metalcore that ain't awful

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Texas In July
Song: 1000 Lies
Album: One Reality
Style: Metalcore
country/location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US
release: 2011

Yes I'm posting a Christian metalcore band! Suck it! Why am I posting this? To show that I do enjoy some metalcore/deathcore every now and then and I felt like posting it!

Anyways, Texas In July is a Christian metalcore band from Pennsylvania and honestly they're pretty good. Nothing groundbreaking or fancy, nor are they awful (at least to me). Admittedly, a lot of generic elements go into their sound, but fortunately they pull it off well and seem to write some catchy and melodic songs. The guitarists aren't slouches at their instruments, going from radio friendly staccato riffs (ala alternative/nu metal) to almost technical twin guitar leads (ala 2000s melodeath/metalcore), though not much else happens (not a bad thing for this style). The vocalist doesn't fall for the tricks that can break a melodic band utilizing a raspy post-hardcore delivery that I find better then the usual emo-esc style commonly found today. Can't say I paid much attention to the lyrics but I assume they're Christian. Anyways, for those who like a little bit of melodic, semi generic metal (or "metal") every now and then will enjoy Texas In July. However haters of metalcore probably won't be converted (see what I did there?). Check it out!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

MOTD - Humanity Falls: Method To The Chaos

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Humanity Falls
Song: No Room for Ingenuity
Album: Ordaining the Apocalypse
Style: Experimental Death Metal/Grindcore
country/location: New York, US
release: 2010

Alright! Time to bring back the metals! Well at the very least try to do more blogging! The last few weeks have brought some excellent bands to the Boston/Worcester area, I'd like to share one of them with you.

Humanity Falls is always a welcomed band in Boston, playing at least once or twice a year to lineups including some of the best death/grind bands of the area. I'd call myself a fan as well, enough to drag me out to Everett to see them arrive fashionably late. Just in time to annihilate the crowd with their one of a kind chaos.

Chaos is a great word for this New York based band. This music isn't for the weak of heart, it's fast, loud, chaotic, dissonant, jagged, brutal, obnoxious, irritating, almost completely devoid of an traditional sense of music. Guitarist, Ammo Diaz, sounds like he's just smashing the guitar, rubbing his hand up and down the strings and playing just random notes. Well, he kinda is! There is method to this madness, one can tell that it was thought out and planned to the letter. There are "traditional" death/grind riffs thrown in to the mix for the headbangers and moshers to go to town. Edward Bednarek is a beast on the drums, blasting at both speeds & rhythms that are unimaginable. The snare has a clanging ringing trash can like sound to it that adds to the deranged music. Then the final piece of the puzzle is Eston Brown's ferocious & totally brutal vocals. Powerful & harsh, he's no slouch providing both low end growls and raw grind screams. Humanity Falls is definitely not for everyone, but those with an open mind and a love for chaotic music will get a lot of out of this band. Check it out!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

MOTD - Thin Lizzy: Soundtrack to a Storm

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Thin Lizzy
Song: Thunder And Lightning
Album: Thunder And Lightning
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Dublin, Ireland
release: 1983

Doing a quick post of one of my all time favorite bands! As I type this little write up, an epic thunderstorm is approaching. The clouds are gray and ominous. The winds are picking up, the bright flashes are getting closer and in the distances there are epic rumblings. God damn it's so exciting, it's gonna hit like a hammer! Whenever there's a thunderstorm, the first song to pop into my head is this amazing kick ass punch to the face!

The mighty Thin Lizzy! No band can convey the crackle and excitement of a thunderstorm like Thin Lizzy! This song comes from their last album which is easily their heaviest and catchiest. Phil Lynott sounds a bit strained but still his unmistakable voice is true and clear. John Sykes and Scott Gorham provide riffs of pure balls and heavy metal. It's an incredibly infectious anthem that is speedy and energetic with a chorus that is begging to be shouted out loud from arenas. Easily one of my favorite Thin Lizzy songs! The storm has now almost over my apartment. I should post this before I lose pow....


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MOTD - The Stand: Congrats Grads!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: The Stand
Song: Graduation Day
Album: The Stand
Style: Progressive/Power Metal
country/location: Nashville, Tennessee, US
release: 1988

So it's graduation season! A number of my friends have walked down aisles and received their diplomas that say "good job you completed college/grad school/high school! Yay!" So in honor of that, here's a little ditty about graduation day!

Not too much to say about this little gem of a band, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, The Stand was playing a proggy-powerish style of metal back in the late 80s. Taking a prog songwriting influence from Rush, mixing it with the infectious bounce and crunch of 80s melodic metal, The Stand had a knack at writing some damn catchy heavy metal tunes. This song takes a relaxed and chill, mid tempo, introspective direction while still having a metal punch. The vocalist takes the stand (heh) out the most with this weird slur thing he uses in the bridge and chorus. From what I can pick out of the lyrics, it is a sorta celebration of graduation day (at least I hope), something about how you're no longer pending to the ways of the professors/teachers haha. Either way, I think I would prefer to have this song played at prom over the Vitamin C song hehe (ok I have soft spot for that one too). Anyways congrats grads! Good luck on your many endeavors! Check out the song too!

Friday, June 3, 2011

MOTD - Shitstorm: A Short Burst of Dirty Grind

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Shitstorm
Song: Closed Minded
Album: Magrudergrind/Shitstorm Split LP
Style: Grindcore
country/location: Miami, Florida, US
release: 2006

Last week I attended the best metal/extreme music festival in North America, the Maryland Death Fest! 4 days, 63 bands of all different styles and varieties (grind, black metal, death, trad, sludge, hardcore, doom, etc), tons of extreme music lovers from all over the world, it was one of the best weekends ever! I'm already looking forward to next's year's 10th anniversary which can only be fantastic! Lots of !

One of the great things about a festival like MDF is among the incredible lineup of headliners and favorite bands, there are plenty of the scene's best upcoming bands to discover for the first time. This year's fest was full of gems I hadn't heard before and was super glad to be introduced to. On the first day of MDF IX, this super abrasive unrelenting grind band took the stage and proceeded to quickly tear out eardrums and pound faces into the ground. Shitstorm produces some of the fastest and quickest bursts of awesome hardcore-tinged grindcore I had ever heard. Unlike their other sludgy pop band Torche, Shitstorm is a tribute to all things loud, raw, biting, dirty and harsh. Packed into less then a minute, crusty noisy guitars explode as the drummer blasts faster then seemingly possible, while fierce and furious growls and screams scrape the skin from flesh. Grind/hardcore fans went nuts for them, while those less inclined made a b-line for the door. They definitely impressed the fuck out of me! Check it out!

more pics at

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MOTD - Alekhine's Gun: A One Two Punch

Mp3 Of The Day
Band/Artist: Alekhine's Gun
Song: Bardo
Album: demo
Style: Death/Thrash/Hardcore
country/location: Brooklyn NY
release: 2011

At Ralphs Diner in Worcester two Thursdays ago, Alekhine's Gun was setting up. Wasn't sure what to expect from this Brooklyn, NY band, but I was curious to see what they offered. Next thing I know they explode on stage with an aggressive and energetic sound that was impossible to ignore. Alekhine's Gun is a one two death/thrash/hardcore punch. Guitarists Jeff Martinez and Paul Pisano provide a wide range of memorable riffs ranging from chugging headbangers to almost black metal tremolo playing to unrelenting thrashers to crushing slams. A mechanical rhythm section delivers the clockwork rumblings, poundings and blastbeats that accentuate the metallic aggressive crunch that permeates their sound. The final piece to Alekhine's Gun is the Dominican/Brooklyn hardcore attitude and energy of frontwoman Jessica Pimentel who shouts, screams, growls directly in your face. One can feel her angered breath even from the back of the room as she runs around on stage. I would definitely go see them again when they return to the area (which I hope they do soon)! Check them out!

Monday, May 2, 2011

MOTD - Ozzy: Ozzy sings me home

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Ozzy Osbourne
Song: Mama, I'm Coming Home
Album: No More Tears
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Birmingham, England, UK
release: 1991

Quickie post to commemorate my coming home from London! It was suggested that I post this little ballad and you know, it was a good one! So I'm coming after a week plus in London and man it was a great trip. Got to see a lot of awesome shows, went to a really cool sound/film conference, did a lot of adventuring, but now it's time to come home!

Ozzy really doesn't need an introduction (Sabbath, solo career, reality TV star). Must say I hadn't heard this song much before, but it fits quite nicely to the end of this trip. An epic and personal power ballad complete with acoustic guitar passages, heavy metal powerhousing, an emotional and melodic solo, Ozzy's signature crooning voice, & Zakk Wylde's signature guitar squeals for extra metalness. As a sucker for power ballads (especially those with epic solos like in this one), I'm enjoying this quite a bit! Anyways, gotta catch a plane, mama, I'm coming home!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

MOTD - Jack Frost: Doom Jetplane

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Jack Frost
Song: Leaving On A Jetplane
Album: My Own Private Hell
Style: Doom Metal
country/location: Linz, Upper Austria
release: 2008

In 5 hours, I'll be leaving on a jetplane heading towards London, England! In a very predictable move, I figured it was appropriate to post John Denver's classic goodbye song "Leaving On A Jetplane" to commemorate me leaving on a jetplane. And in even truer Wren fashion, I figured it would be even better to find a metal version! And guess what, here it is!

Jack Frost is a doom metal band hailing from Austria. What they do to John Denver's ballad is slow it down to doom speeds, meander between calm haunting verses to strangely comforting though crushing distorted choruses. Enough doom power to give it that nice crunch, but without overdoing it. The vocalist sounds like a slightly gothier Johnny Cash which fits quite nicely. It's kinda what you might expect of a doom "Jetplane." Can't say I've heard much by them other than this little novelty, but if this arrangement is any indication, the rest of their music must be awesome. Well, enjoy while I sleep on this plane!

Friday, April 22, 2011

MOTD - Musk Ox: The Soundtrack to A Dawn Walk In The Woods

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Musk Ox
Song: Sur Une Infine Route De Terre
Album: Musk Ox
Style: Neofolk/Acoustic
country/location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
release: 2009

Last month I had the amazing opportunity of seeing the majestic and ethereal Agalloch perform their one of a kind atmospheric and earthly metal. This show was a magical and glorious experience, will easily be remembered as one of my favorite shows of 2011. The evening was made even more special by the openers who provided unique and exquisite performances that complimented the headliners and in some cases even enhanced the overall feeling. Musk Ox was one of those enhancers!

This one man acoustic neofolk project is proof that a nylon stringed guitar can convey the vast beauty of nature. Combining the natural feel of folk, the song structure of prog rock, the avant garde feel of post rock and the dark power of atmospheric metal, this is simply gorgeous and serenely intricate. Musk Ox provides the perfect soundtrack for walking in the woods on a brisk early spring dawn. The sun is just barely up and the birds are beginning their morning chirping as beautiful but haunting melodies and flowing passages softly rings through the stillness. While expansive in it's portraiture, Musk Ox is also very personal and intimate, like a close friend or companion, keeping you company. Well worth seeing live, the man behind this amazing sound is a very friendly and humble performer. I hope he'll make his way down to Boston again! Check it out!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MOTD - Def Leppard: They ain't Foolin' around! They're fuckin rockin'!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Def Leppard
Song: Foolin' (live at the Forum 1983)
Album: Pyromania (2009 reissue)
Style: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/NWOBHM/Pop Metal/"glam metal"
country/location: Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
release: 1983 (2009)

Writers block writers block please go away! I'd like to write more in my blog each and every day! (lol!)

So this coming Saturday I'm flying to London for a week long excursion. I'm totally stoked for this adventure, which includes a sound conference, a business trip to Newcastle, a bunch of metal shows, a royal wedding and who knows what. In honor of this trip, I'm posting one of my favorite British bands, the classic mighty one and only Def Leppard!

I've been on a Def Leppard kick for about a year now, ever since discovering that they're more than "Pour Some Sugar On Me." Def Leppard is a fuckin kick ass and damn catchy band (or at least their 80s stuff, haven't really dived into their 90s material). They truly mastered the art of mixing the power and kick of heavy metal with the epic anthemic qualities of pop/arena rock. Their choruses are so huge and awesome that it's impossible not to sing along, or at the very least get stuck on repeat in one's head. "Foolin'" from their classic album Pyromania is probably their strongest and most quintessential song, starting off as a slow and soft ballad that builds into a fist pumping, hugely irresistible, multi-layered vocal harmonied hard rock/heavy metal anthem. This version comes from a live recording from 1983 and god damn does it kick ass. Like the original, it kicks off with Steve Clark sitting the scene with an acoustic guitar before Joe Elliott comes in with his signature high pitched powerful rock voice. However here the band really explodes this little song into a bigger, speedier, more rockin anthem. I can only imagine the excited response of the audience, I know I would've been jumping and singing along at full volume! I'm definitely going to be seeing them this summer when they come around!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MOTD - Defeatist: The Best and Finest Grindcore

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Defeatist
Song: Extinction Throne
Album: Sixth Extinction
Style: Grindcore
country/location: New York City, NY, US
release: 2010

I love grindcore. That raw and abrasive sound instantly grabs me whenever I listen to it. The grinding tone, the dirty feeling, the blasts of unrelenting beautiful noise. I love it all!

New York's Defeatist is easily one of my favorite grind bands out right now, and I would even argue that they're one of best and finest of the genre. Their brand of grindcore is so fuckin well done and they perform with such punch and balls, even those not into this style find an appreciation for them. This 3 dudes are masters of their instruments and yet are so in tune with one another that they create a smart and tight ferocity. The crusty, crunchy, chaotic riffs explode in your face, angry words are not yelled or screamed but expelled and spewed from bloody lungs, the drums are precision machine guns of interchanging rhythms. With an incredible production job, you can hear every element crisp and clear without sacrificing the raw and uncompromising. As a result, the highly intelligent and seemingly improvisational jazz band comes forth underneath the musical malice. Even more impressively, Defeatist rips and destroys on the stage. They are easily one of my favorite live bands, sounding so fuckin loud and powerful in the flesh. If you have a chance to see them live, do it! You will NOT be disappointed! And if you're looking for a band to book for your metal/hardcore show, they will easily be a highlight of your show!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

MOTD - Grief Of Emerald: A Slab Of Black/Death

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Grief Of Emerald
Song: Deformed Imaginations
Album: Christian Termination
Style: Black/Death Metal
country/location: Uddevalla, Sweden
release: 2002

Time for some anti-religious, keyboard backed, evil sounding blackened deathened metal! Came across this band not too long ago, and figured I'd share them.

Grief Of Emerald hails from Sweden playing an evil and haunting brand of semi symphonic/melodic black/death metal, with a lyrical focus on the downfall of religion. The guitarist presents simple but effective chunky death grooves as well as light but bleak melodic passages, p. The drummer keeps the mid-paced tempo steady while throwing in a generous amount of blast beats and machine-gun double bass drum action. A rattling mid-ranged black metal rasp is utilized to preach the unholy and blasphemous message. To help round out their evil sound, the bass and very subtle keyboards provide that vast feel that comes with bands of this style. Can't say Grief Of Emerald is the most original of bands, but they provide a nice slab of black/death metal to whoever are fans of that style. Check it out!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MOTD - Boris: MOTD returns with a surprise!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Boris
Song: Black Original
Album: New Album
Style: Very different then the "usual" Boris Dance pop electronica weirdness
country/location: Tokyo, Japan
release: 2011

So it's been another blog hiatus for me! I really gotta stop these hiatuses, but at least nothing is forced!

Anyway what better way to end this particular dry spell than with a highly prolific, respectfully bizarre band. No band has changed genres and styles more than Boris. This Japanese trio has done drone doom, stoner rock, psychedelic rock, ambient music, noise, combination of all the above. Every album is completely different then the last, yet still 100% Boris. That said, they've really brought about a surprise. Among the 3 other full lengths they've already released or are going to release, their strangely titled "New Album" goes into bizarre places that even I was like "what the fuck am I listening to? Is this really Boris?!" If you want to be completely surprised at what you hear (assuming you haven't heard), I won't spoil it for you! For those who want to read about it, highlight the description below and/or read the comment below: Basically Boris has released a Jpop/Jrock record. Tons of super catchy hooks, dance beats, cheesy moments, indie rock like ballads! This song in particular "Black Original" is probably the biggest departure for them (if that's possible and/or true). Starting off with a European flavored synth, it goes into a hugely danceable beat with super processed robotic autotuned vocals. One could easily hear this on top 40 radio, it's catchy and fun. If it was any other band, you could say that they sold out (which a lot of fans say they have). I personally love this album just for having the audacity to do something like this, even outside of the complete randomness of it, it's 100% better then a lot of top 40 pop music that is around. It's a well constructed and well written pop/rock album! Check it out!

Friday, February 18, 2011

MOTD - Acido: Ol' Epic Heavy Metal From Italy

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Acido
Song: I Culi Aumentano
Album: Acido Demo '86
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy
release: 1986

I stumbled across this quaint little Italian heavy metal band about a year ago and recently rediscovered in my massive music library (random play is a wonderful thing haha). I was like "hey let's post this!"

Acido is a fairly unknown 5 piece band from the mid to late 1980s. Released a couple demos in their lifetime, but unfortunately didn't go much further than that. A shame really for they had talent and an excellent sense of melody and song composition, though it's hard to know how their lyrics are as they are in Italian (which is pretty nifty! If any of my followers know Italian care to translate!). Lots of classic galloping riffs and epic solos here for heavy metal fans to feast on. The vocalist has a mid ranged raspy/gruff style that works really well. Old school metal fans will easily hear that they were fans of Dark Quarterer, as they definitely took that awesome sense of epic build and riffs that grow on each other. Again, it's too bad they didn't get a chance to at least record a full length, I could totally see that album being a favorite among metalheads. Oh well, this demo will definitely please folk!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

MOTD - W.: I'm now 26, here's some Christian death/grind sorta

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: W.
Song: 26 Years
Album: Circle of Dead Demons
Style: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
country/location: Lockport, Illinois, US
release: 2008

So today I've made it around the sun on this pathetic little planet 26 times without dying! Go me! A lot has happened in those 26 revolutions. Too much for me to jokingly list. Well, I suppose I should honor this special day with a post of 26. Much to my surprise, I found a song called "26 Years" which is perfect for this day. This band/project is a bit unusual and honestly not sure how I feel about it. W. is a Christian themed death/grind/core solo band based out of Lockport, Illinois. Can't say I've run into many Christian death/grind bands, but that aspect isn't too prominent I guess. While it's not the best thing I've heard, this ain't bad. The riffs are chunky shredding at points death metal with the occasional deathcore like chuggy breakdown (which is slightly unnecessary cus the other riffs are impressive). I like the vocals which are guttural deep. The drums are clearly machine based, blasting like a grind band. Honestly there's better death/grind, but again you can do far worse and some might enjoy this! I know I enjoyed it enough to post it! 26 Years of being on this Earth is pretty worth it I think!

Monday, February 14, 2011

MOTD - Firehouse: My Valentine's Day Gift!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Firehouse
Song: Love Of A Lifetime
Album: Firehouse
Style: Glam/Hair Metal
country/location: Charlotte, North Carolina
release: 1991

Man, it's been awhile since I've made a post! I apologize, but since there's no time like the present, let's get to it!

Today is Valentine's Day! That wonderful day that celebrates love. Love is what brings us together today. Love is what causes two people to go to movies, make out in the seats until the staff bring in the air horn. Love is what causes CVS to sell out their chocolates. Love is what causes 80s hair metal bands to write super sappy songs that cause punks to explode with rage. For glam/hair metal band Firehouse, they have finally found the love of a lifetime! Firehouse was probably the last great glam/hair metal band before grunge took over the airwaves (some would say that they were indirectly responsible for grunge). Everything about their sound is perfectly cheesy and fun. Irresistible melodies, clean and sharp production, a powerhouse frontman, what's not to love (or hate) about them. And like all great hair bands, they had their signature ballad. This song is so sappy and syrupy, it's wonderful. Perfect for a day like today, so this is my Valentine's Day gift to you! I hope you all find your love of a lifetime!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MOTD - Angelica: God Dammit It's Catchy!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Angelica
Song: Walkin' In Faith
Album: Walkin' In Faith
Style: Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/AOR
country/location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
release: 1990

First mp3 of the day of 2011! (besides Saturday's quicky grind) And it's uber catchy Christian heavy metal! tee hee. There's really no good reason for me posting this, but god dammit (lolz) it's too catchy and I felt like posting it.

Angelica was a Jesus loving band from Ontario featuring a revolving cast of vocalists (including Rob Rock though not on this song/album), a melodic-riffed/shredding Yngwie styled guitarist, a slap bassist, and a purely 80s metal drummer. All this coming together to create anthemic, melodic as fuck, radio friendly heavy metal. One could say that they have more in common with Journey and Def Leppard then they do Iron Maiden or even hair bands like Cinderella, but the metal elements are definitely there (well at least enough for me). The guitarist has a gift of writing semi-simple catchy riffs as well as pulling out some shredding solos that recall Yngwie Malmsteen. The vocals are completely soaring and crisp, sounding like a combination of Steve Perry and John Arch. The bass stands out quite a bit as it sounds like he's utilizing some slap-bass techniques which gives a nice groove feel. And like all Christian/religious bands, the lyrics are quite sappy and God approving, however if those who want to avoid the religious nature, the chorus of this particular song can sound like he's saying "Walkin' in pain" hehe. Fans of ultra melodic metal bands will probably enjoy this, those who aren't probably will be sickened by it. I myself find this band incredibly addictive, maybe you will too haha.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

MOTD - Blood: A quick new years post!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Blood
Song: 2011
Album: Gas. Flames. Bones.
Style: Grindcore/Death Metal
country/location: Speyer, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
release: 1999

As of today it is now 2011! Weird! It is so frickin weird! We're finally in the teens (again?). I remember thinking that 2003 was in the future and that 2008 was like way way in the future. Now we're in 2011?!

Well in true Wren fashion I found a song that best captures this feeling. A quick song entitled "2011" by German death/grind band, Blood. At some point, I'll give them a longer post for they rule. An awesome example of death/grind with low death metal vocals with grinding death metal riffs played in one to two minute bursts. For now this little gem will do just fine! Happy New Year everyone!