Saturday, July 24, 2010

MOTD - Evans Blue: Time To Get Radio Friendly Generic!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Evans Blue
Song: I Blame You
Album: Evans Blue
Style/s: Post-Grunge/Alternative Rock, Hard Rock
country/location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
release: 2009/10

A fellow metal/music blogger buddy of mine was asked to review this alternative rock band Evans Blue. Not exactly the most exciting thing to review for a metal person, but apparently he'll get more metal things. I decided to support my buddy and post something by this band even if it means my metal cred takes a nice clean dive, but then again my metal cred often takes dives (ie Attack Attack!).

So who exactly is Evans Blue? They're exactly what you might expect when I say they're a radio friendly, post-grunge/alternative hard rock band that sounds like every other radio friendly, post-grunge/alternative hard rock band ever to come out in the late 90s and early 00s. Think TRUSTcompany or Chevelle or 10 Years. They're far from the worst band out there, they do their thing well. Their new vocalist has a good voice for this style; powerful, clean and melodic with just a touch of angst (not too much), plus he can scream/shout when he needs to (again not too much). I'm a sucker for song intros with reverbed/effected guitars. The chorus is what you'd expect, a grand chorus that's meant to be sung along at shows and while you're driving along listening to your favorite alt. rock station. Again, it ain't awful, but they are generic as fuck and bland haha. Oh well. Anyways, take a listen for the fun of it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

temporary change of download links

Until I can find a cheaper server or server like solution, I'm going to be posting mp3s via Mediafire (sorry if this bothers people). Not only is it free and relatively easy to upload the mp3s, it's free! My previous server/thinger turned really expensive and unhelpful, so mediafire it is! Not sure if there's any limits to the number of files or file space, but assume that after say 20 to 30 posts (ha, like I'll reach that any time soon), I'll start removing stuff. If anyone wants reups of anything, let me know, I'll be happy to send them!

(The last post is via Mediafire)

Scratch that! I'm using dropbox (huge thanks to Max Cantor for being totally metal and awesome and introducing me to this even before I was needing to change!) and there'll be regular old links. I have a 2.26 GB limit so I'll occasionally clean it out, but for now I got a lot of space! The last post is not Mediafire!

MOTD - Outraged that I haven't posted in ages, but it's time to get back to the Metal!

Mp3 Of The Day

So obscure the album cover is missing!

Band/Artist: Outrage
Song: Too Hot To Touch
Album: Prophecy (demo)
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Perth, Western Australia
release: 1991

So I'm going to give a shot to getting back to this! No guarantees, but at 2AM on a Thursday morning, I have this strange urge to get something posted. Well here it goes...

The past month has been pretty frickin hot around New England. One time I came home, turned on the cold water faucet and out came hot water. Essentially the perfect weather for some good ol' fashioned, cheesy fun, classic rock inspired, heavy metal! This band Outrage hailed at one point from Perth, Australia, releasing one 11 song demo and that's about as much info anyone has about them. Can't say I'm surprised they never got far for they're nothing special, but they're a fun rockin heavy metal listen. The riffs on this song are pretty simple though effective and enjoyable. The singer's delivery is cheesy with a little extra power in parts (he can hit the high notes when he wants). Like all heavy metal songs, there's a solo! It's actually a nicely done solo, reminiscent of classic rock with the organ providing a backing. Again, nothing fancy here, but it's a good slab of plain traditional fun heavy metal. The type of music you'd blast while driving a hot rod or motorcycle down the highway! Check it out!