Thursday, July 22, 2010

temporary change of download links

Until I can find a cheaper server or server like solution, I'm going to be posting mp3s via Mediafire (sorry if this bothers people). Not only is it free and relatively easy to upload the mp3s, it's free! My previous server/thinger turned really expensive and unhelpful, so mediafire it is! Not sure if there's any limits to the number of files or file space, but assume that after say 20 to 30 posts (ha, like I'll reach that any time soon), I'll start removing stuff. If anyone wants reups of anything, let me know, I'll be happy to send them!

(The last post is via Mediafire)

Scratch that! I'm using dropbox (huge thanks to Max Cantor for being totally metal and awesome and introducing me to this even before I was needing to change!) and there'll be regular old links. I have a 2.26 GB limit so I'll occasionally clean it out, but for now I got a lot of space! The last post is not Mediafire!