Saturday, November 26, 2016

Some but not all of the stuff I Listened Relatively Recently Post 6: Anal Trump, Seax, Livet Som Insats, Sloth (yet again)

Full Lengths

Band/Artist: Anal Trump
Album: That Makes Me Smart!
Style: Grindcore
country/location: San Diego, CA, USA
release: 2016

I was going to post a track from this perfectly timed grind project no matter the outcome of this past month, and I still intend to do so. AT supposedly is a project of the dudes in Cattle Decapitation as either protest or parody or both of a particular presidential candidate. Each song is a very very very very very short quick blast of noisy grindcore/powerviolence involving the famous or infamous sayings of the subject individual. When I say short, I'm talking average of 4 seconds here. And they punch and cram all the best grind/powerviolence/hardcore ever into those 4 or 6 seconds. It's a statement all right!

Band/Artist: Seax
Song: Fall to the Hammer
Album: Speed Metal Mania
Style: Speed Metal
country/location: Worcester MA USA
release: 2016

So you all remember that comic that went around the internet where a butterfly lands on this dude's finger and says "bring back 80's speed metal" and the dude then throws up the horns. Well, Seax has singlehandledly brought back 80's speed metal, for the 3rd time! Their new album takes the fun, youthful energy and love of heavy metal of their breakout hit album "High On Metal" and just cranks it up to 666. It's a moshing romp through warehouse hallways full of society's rejects and patch vested headbangers! Raise your horns!

Band/Artist: Livet Som Insats
Song: Medaljongrawk
Album: Check your Grind
Style: Grindcore/Crust/Hardcore Punk
country/location: Sweden
release: 2016

Hmm I've been posting a lot of grind recently. Is that a bad thing? Naw! Grind is among my fav of the metal/hardcore subgenres. Anyways, this band's album was handed to me while I was at a Gadget show in Worcester, so glad that happened. This is raw and straight to the point grind with a touch of groove riffing to please headbangers. Unrelenting and consistent, there's no breaks nor moments to take a breath. Just pure grind!

Sloth Single Of The Week

Band/Artist: Sloth
Song: The Right Idea​!​! (11​/​24​/​16)
Album: The Right Idea​!​! (11​/​24​/​16)
Style: Noise
country/location: Tampa, Florida USA
release: 2016

So there's this band called Sloth who for the last two or three years have been releasing a noise track practically every day with silly/weird/whatever titles. It's all just noise, but for the fun of it, I thought every other post I'd post one here for no reason other than I find them hilarious. This track is kinda similar to a previous posted track, Socky Octy​!​!, with that high high high forced bass sound but this has a little bit more treble noise to it. The booming bass sound does seem to pulsate at times but it is subtle. This goes on like this for 12 minutes. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Stuff I did the listening thang to post 5: Dead Will Rise, Gorepedo, Gadget, Post Mark, Talbot

Full Lengths

Band/Artist: Dead Will Rise
Song: Entrepreneur
Album: Entrepreneur
Style: Deathcore
country/location: Athens, Ohio, USA
release: 2008

Just randomly revisiting a CD that I bought years ago. So long ago, I don't remember when/where/why I acquired it. This is some pretty standard deathcore, nothing fancy or mindblowing, but it's not terrible. The instrumentalists prove that they can do grindcore based blasts with the best of them and technically proficient enough to do some mosh-worthy breakdowns. Some catchy melodeath riffs are thrown in for good measure.


Band/Artist: Gorepedo
Song: Japanese Tentacle Porn Monster
Album: Gorepedo new Hampshire grindcore ep/demo thing
Style: Deathgrindpunk
country/location: Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
release: 2016

New England has a rich history of excellent grindcore dating back to the early 80s with Siege and today with bands like Eaten or Intheshit! New Hampshire's Gorepedo is continuing to this long tradition and doing it with the speed and ferocity of a frickin hurricane! I use the word blistering often enough, but man these guys are the very definition of blistering! The tone is straight out of the best death/grind ala Nasum or Trap Them, that wonderfully thick and juicy crunch. This is played at punk/hardcore speeds with punk/hardcore attitudes! Definitely a band to keep an eye out for!

Band/Artist: Gadget
Song: Känslan (Post Patch Anxiety)
Album: The Great Destroyer
Style: Grindcore
country/location: Gävle, Sweden
release: 2016

If you liked Gorepedo, then you are going to love Gadget! Like New England, Sweden is also full of some of the stars of grindcore and hardcore/punk. Gadget is definitely among those stars, producing full blown grind that has all the blastbeats and in your face aggression while incorporating elements from thrash, death metal, Swedish dbeat, and other heavy genres. This album is a masterpiece of grind, and definitely will be on my top of 2016!

Really Really Cool Band I Stumbled Upon

Band/Artist: Post Mark
Song: Soar High
Album: Stamp On You
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Imphal, Manipur, India
release: 1989

I've known for a long time that India has solid and rising heavy metal scene, with bands like Bevar Sea, Demonic Resurrection and Dying Embrace making the waves in and outside of India. What I didn't know was how far back in time did the metal flow. Post Mark as far as I can tell is the earliest heavy metal band from India and the earliest to release a full length. Formed in 1988 they played traditional heavy metal with a touch of thrash for good measure. Plus they incorporate traditional Indian folk music elements into their sound. Now the elements are kinda subtle to the unknowing ear, for example, this track apparently uses the beat of Thabal Chongba (a popular Manipuri dance). If you want to read more about the band, this other blog Indian Bands Hub has a great write up!

Band I'm Listening To A Result of the Metal Archives Random Band Feature

Band/Artist: Talbot
Song: EgoMine
Album: Scaled
Style: Stoner/Doom Metal
country/location: Tallinn, Estonia
release: 2013

So this week/post's edition of the Random Band band selection is Talbot from Estonia. Their Facebook claims they are the heaviest duo on Earth and beyond. I gotta say, they make a very persuasive argument. They would play very well on a show with Bedroom Rehab Corporation and Hepatagua. The tone on that bass is sludge heavy and the drummer is powerful enough to blow holes in space and time. Then they bring in a ton of psychedelic and prog synths and atmosphere, and you've got yourself some heavy shit! Totally glad these guys popped up!