Thursday, March 31, 2011

MOTD - Grief Of Emerald: A Slab Of Black/Death

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Grief Of Emerald
Song: Deformed Imaginations
Album: Christian Termination
Style: Black/Death Metal
country/location: Uddevalla, Sweden
release: 2002

Time for some anti-religious, keyboard backed, evil sounding blackened deathened metal! Came across this band not too long ago, and figured I'd share them.

Grief Of Emerald hails from Sweden playing an evil and haunting brand of semi symphonic/melodic black/death metal, with a lyrical focus on the downfall of religion. The guitarist presents simple but effective chunky death grooves as well as light but bleak melodic passages, p. The drummer keeps the mid-paced tempo steady while throwing in a generous amount of blast beats and machine-gun double bass drum action. A rattling mid-ranged black metal rasp is utilized to preach the unholy and blasphemous message. To help round out their evil sound, the bass and very subtle keyboards provide that vast feel that comes with bands of this style. Can't say Grief Of Emerald is the most original of bands, but they provide a nice slab of black/death metal to whoever are fans of that style. Check it out!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MOTD - Boris: MOTD returns with a surprise!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Boris
Song: Black Original
Album: New Album
Style: Very different then the "usual" Boris Dance pop electronica weirdness
country/location: Tokyo, Japan
release: 2011

So it's been another blog hiatus for me! I really gotta stop these hiatuses, but at least nothing is forced!

Anyway what better way to end this particular dry spell than with a highly prolific, respectfully bizarre band. No band has changed genres and styles more than Boris. This Japanese trio has done drone doom, stoner rock, psychedelic rock, ambient music, noise, combination of all the above. Every album is completely different then the last, yet still 100% Boris. That said, they've really brought about a surprise. Among the 3 other full lengths they've already released or are going to release, their strangely titled "New Album" goes into bizarre places that even I was like "what the fuck am I listening to? Is this really Boris?!" If you want to be completely surprised at what you hear (assuming you haven't heard), I won't spoil it for you! For those who want to read about it, highlight the description below and/or read the comment below: Basically Boris has released a Jpop/Jrock record. Tons of super catchy hooks, dance beats, cheesy moments, indie rock like ballads! This song in particular "Black Original" is probably the biggest departure for them (if that's possible and/or true). Starting off with a European flavored synth, it goes into a hugely danceable beat with super processed robotic autotuned vocals. One could easily hear this on top 40 radio, it's catchy and fun. If it was any other band, you could say that they sold out (which a lot of fans say they have). I personally love this album just for having the audacity to do something like this, even outside of the complete randomness of it, it's 100% better then a lot of top 40 pop music that is around. It's a well constructed and well written pop/rock album! Check it out!