Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MOTD - Beerhead: Beer + Motorhead

Mp3 Of The Day  

Band/Artist: Beerhead  
Song: Beer Is Everything  
Album: Killed by Beer  
Style: Speed Metal  
Country/Location: Zabrze, Poland 
Release: 1992

It's been ages since I've posted anything, it sucks!  The past several months I've discovered so many awesome bands that I want to share with the world!  I've also discovered some not so awesome bands that I still want to share with the world.  I've also discovered some bland bands that I want to share with the world (cus I'm like that).  Basically I want to share music with the world! Anyways, to the music we go!

In my tooling around the Metal-Archives, I stumbled across this ol' band Beerhead.  True to my usual I-check-out-bands-with-silly-or-funny-bandnames, I found a download of their 1992 demo.  Judging by the name, one could assume that Motorhead hugely influences this Polish outfit.  Well, they're so highly influenced that they're pretty much a Motorhead clone; a perfectly executed Motorhead clone.  The vocalist pulls a great Lemmy impersonation; so good that one could be easily convinced it is Lemmy.  The riffs are unrelenting non-stop punk infused metal, exactly like Motorhead.  The guitarist/s are no slouches at solos, fast but still with melody, exactly like Motorhead.  While definitely not an original sound, they pull it off well, plus they add in a nice concept novelty, everyone's favorite alcoholic beverage.  Every single song is about beer, drinking beer, looking for beer, wanting another beer, good beer, bad beer, Motorhead beer, beer beer.  Hell, they love their beer so much that I'm feeling the urge to drink a beer!  Unfortunately Beerhead kinda were a poor man's Motorhead, but they're solid at what they do and one can tell they're doing it for the fun of it.  Check it out!


Runhilde said...

lolz ur speling iz crayz bade!

boblovesmusic said...

You're right! The grammar here was pretty terrible, I just edited it and I think it's better. Let me know what you think!

I wasn't ignoring you, I was ignoring the blog! (that's about to change hopefully)