Saturday, April 23, 2011

MOTD - Jack Frost: Doom Jetplane

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Jack Frost
Song: Leaving On A Jetplane
Album: My Own Private Hell
Style: Doom Metal
country/location: Linz, Upper Austria
release: 2008

In 5 hours, I'll be leaving on a jetplane heading towards London, England! In a very predictable move, I figured it was appropriate to post John Denver's classic goodbye song "Leaving On A Jetplane" to commemorate me leaving on a jetplane. And in even truer Wren fashion, I figured it would be even better to find a metal version! And guess what, here it is!

Jack Frost is a doom metal band hailing from Austria. What they do to John Denver's ballad is slow it down to doom speeds, meander between calm haunting verses to strangely comforting though crushing distorted choruses. Enough doom power to give it that nice crunch, but without overdoing it. The vocalist sounds like a slightly gothier Johnny Cash which fits quite nicely. It's kinda what you might expect of a doom "Jetplane." Can't say I've heard much by them other than this little novelty, but if this arrangement is any indication, the rest of their music must be awesome. Well, enjoy while I sleep on this plane!