Thursday, February 17, 2011

MOTD - W.: I'm now 26, here's some Christian death/grind sorta

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: W.
Song: 26 Years
Album: Circle of Dead Demons
Style: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
country/location: Lockport, Illinois, US
release: 2008

So today I've made it around the sun on this pathetic little planet 26 times without dying! Go me! A lot has happened in those 26 revolutions. Too much for me to jokingly list. Well, I suppose I should honor this special day with a post of 26. Much to my surprise, I found a song called "26 Years" which is perfect for this day. This band/project is a bit unusual and honestly not sure how I feel about it. W. is a Christian themed death/grind/core solo band based out of Lockport, Illinois. Can't say I've run into many Christian death/grind bands, but that aspect isn't too prominent I guess. While it's not the best thing I've heard, this ain't bad. The riffs are chunky shredding at points death metal with the occasional deathcore like chuggy breakdown (which is slightly unnecessary cus the other riffs are impressive). I like the vocals which are guttural deep. The drums are clearly machine based, blasting like a grind band. Honestly there's better death/grind, but again you can do far worse and some might enjoy this! I know I enjoyed it enough to post it! 26 Years of being on this Earth is pretty worth it I think!