Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MOTD - Angelica: God Dammit It's Catchy!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Angelica
Song: Walkin' In Faith
Album: Walkin' In Faith
Style: Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/AOR
country/location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
release: 1990

First mp3 of the day of 2011! (besides Saturday's quicky grind) And it's uber catchy Christian heavy metal! tee hee. There's really no good reason for me posting this, but god dammit (lolz) it's too catchy and I felt like posting it.

Angelica was a Jesus loving band from Ontario featuring a revolving cast of vocalists (including Rob Rock though not on this song/album), a melodic-riffed/shredding Yngwie styled guitarist, a slap bassist, and a purely 80s metal drummer. All this coming together to create anthemic, melodic as fuck, radio friendly heavy metal. One could say that they have more in common with Journey and Def Leppard then they do Iron Maiden or even hair bands like Cinderella, but the metal elements are definitely there (well at least enough for me). The guitarist has a gift of writing semi-simple catchy riffs as well as pulling out some shredding solos that recall Yngwie Malmsteen. The vocals are completely soaring and crisp, sounding like a combination of Steve Perry and John Arch. The bass stands out quite a bit as it sounds like he's utilizing some slap-bass techniques which gives a nice groove feel. And like all Christian/religious bands, the lyrics are quite sappy and God approving, however if those who want to avoid the religious nature, the chorus of this particular song can sound like he's saying "Walkin' in pain" hehe. Fans of ultra melodic metal bands will probably enjoy this, those who aren't probably will be sickened by it. I myself find this band incredibly addictive, maybe you will too haha.