Saturday, April 18, 2009

MOTD - Zerfetzer: Warhammer 40k Smashed Hamster sorta

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Zerfetzer
Song: Hammer Smashed Hamster
Album: Emergenza Bonus CD (demo)
Style: Heavy/Thrash Metal
country/location: Paterzell, Bavaria, Germany
release: 2006

Lol! So some of you might remember from like two months ago I had people request themes that I would post a song relating to that theme. Well I've already posted the initial three that I received. There was a fourth that came along that I was tempted to try. Warhammer 40k was the request (or something similar). I came across a song entitled "Hammer Smashed Hamster" and decided that this song was the perfect representation of Warhammer 40k. Even more amazingly enough, I had the track already!

There's not too much to say about Zerfetzer (which means Zerfetzer in German) other than they're a fun and clever German heavy metal band with some thrash aspects. Nothing ground breaking about their music, but they are pretty decent songwriters and create some damn infectious riffs. This song is a hilarious brooding song about a guy who wants to join a Satanic band (metal I'm assuming). So to prove his evilness, he gets a hamster from a pet store with the intention to smash it with a hammer. Of course, he fails in several amusing ways. The music follows the story pretty awesomely going from the brooding dark feel of the verses to a faster almost death/thrash style during the chorus. I'm not crazy about the vocals for this band, but they're far from awful (though his extreme style could use some work). It is nice to hear some full bodied double bass drum. None of this trigger or light tap sounding stuff. It is a catchy little gem of a song. Hopefully a worthy song for Warhammer 40k, but if not, it's definitely worth a listen!

Zerfetzer - Hammer Smashed Hamster


Mandie said...

Wow, this song is awesome! Reminds me of my hamster. Tricky little bastard.