Thursday, May 7, 2009

MOTD - Crucified Barbara: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Chicks Kick Ass

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Crucified Barbara
Song: Losing The Game
Album: In Distortion We Trust
Style: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
country/location: Stockholm, Sweden
release: 2005

Crucified Barbara is an all female band whose game is plain, uber catchy and fun but still razor edged, heavy metal! While definitely not the heaviest band ever, these chicks haven't lost that heavy metal, rock n' roll feel. Now some of you might disapprove at this band, especially this song, but I find it a fun and enjoyable listen. The guitarists churn out some kick ass, infectious riffs as well can solo with the best of them (though they're not super shredders, but they don't need to be), the drummer and the bassist are no slouches. The singer provides a hard rock but melodic delivery that has both an edge as well as a pop quality to it. That pop quality might turn a lot of elite metalheads away. This song isn't one of their heaviest songs, but I choose it for a reason that will cause many of you to lose the game and groan hehe. Despite this silly and seemingly awful reason for post this song, I did want to share this band for they rule in their own right!

Crucified Barbara - Losing The Game