Monday, February 23, 2009

MOTD - Necropsy: Make Believin' Early 90s Turkish Thrash

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Necropsy
Song: Make Me Believe
Album: Speed Lessons Part 1 demo
Style: Speed/Thrash Metal
country/location: Istanbul, Turkey
release: 1992

So that next theme in the "Theme request" thinger wasn't really a request, but I took it as such anyways for the fun of it! A friend of mine/requester claimed to not have an imagination and thus couldn't think of anything. So I decided that her theme was imagination hehe. I did a quick search through my collection and came up with a couple fantastic choices. This song, Make Me Believe, came up last minute and in the first couple seconds I was like "gotta post this." I also had another option that I had to post, so imagination gets two songs! (my imagination at work... sorta!)

Hailing from Turkey, Necropsy formed as a speed/thrash band back in the early 90s, releasing at least one EP of pure underproduced but still kick ass riffing thrash. Then they changed their name to Nekropsi and became a psychedelic rock/jazz/ethnic band. Not entirely sure how I got my hands on this EP (and if they came from one of my metal buddies and I'm forgetting, I apologize!) and even more so not sure how I didn't listen to this band before because they kinda rule. The production is a bit buzzy, but the riffs they have instantly grab you and don't let go. I mean, I heard the opening 30 seconds and I was like "gotta to post this now!" (well a couple days ago, but still) Not a huge fan of the vocals, but they are definitely thrash in nature and the song kicks ass so much that it's all good. The song has one of the coolest outros. Just when you think the song is going to end with a slowing build to the big crash, this kick ass, fast and catchy middle eastern sounding riff comes in and destroys you! Kinda curious how they sound now with their new sound, but I'll leave it to the imagination for now!. Anyways, totally awesome old school band worth checking out!

Necropsy - Make Me Believe