Saturday, February 28, 2009

So it seems that my webspace "host" for the mp3s has dropped me. Granted I've been uploading them to my old college's server for a year or so now, so this comes at no surprise, but I wasn't expecting it for awhile.

I'm working on getting a new webspace host to upload the tracks, either through my bestest buddy ever or just suck it up and buy some space myself (if any of you have any suggestions of servers or groups or whatever to purchase from, I'll check them out and forever be in your debt!).

So for the time being the MOTD are on hold, hopefully won't be for too long. Also as a result, all the previous tracks are unavailable as well. When I get things back on track and you want me to reupload any, I'll do it. (obviously I'm not going to upload everything, but a few tracks here and there I'll do.)

Anyways, thank you for being patient and awesome! \m/