Saturday, March 21, 2009

MOTD - Death Brings Back to Life the MOTD!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Death
Song: Overactive Imagination
Album: Individual Thought Patterns
Style: Death Metal
country/location: Tampa, Florida, US
release: 1993

Finally! The MOTD is back! I finally have some webspace, I gave myself a bit of a break as well and now I'm ready to bring you world-class, kick ass (most of the time), headbanging (again most of the time), Heavy FUCKING METAL!!! \m/

(of course after two weeks of not writing anything, I'm hit with a huge case of writer's block... typical haha. God dammit! I apologize guys, not sure what happened!)

This song was initially chosen because of a request for a song about imagination. Well, sorta. The person said she had no imagination, so I took that to mean that the theme should be imagination. That said, what better way to bring back the semi-daily metal than with the legendary Death! Yes, those of you who have followed the MOTD since before I took over might remember this song being posted years ago. Realized this after I decided to post this, so whoops! It's a great song, worth of a second posting!

Death is often cited as one of the first death metal bands and certainly one of the most influential. One can't speak of death metal's history without listing Death as one of the top bands. While Possessed beat them to the first death metal album, Death's style and aggression would be the cornerstone for hundreds of bands. Lead by mastermind guitarist/vocalist Chuck Schuldiner, Death's sound would evolve from being the standard of death metal to a even more incredible technical and progressive form of death metal. This track comes from the latter era. The song progresses awesomely, starting with no introduction, just exploding into full on death metally goodness. Chuck's riffs are artful and progressive while being fast, thrashy, and perfect for headbanging. The legendary Gene Hoglan blasts his way through the song with precision. The bass follows the technical and brutal aspects perfectly. The one thing I love about Chuck's solos is that the tone has the same quality throughout his works. Sorta like how Blind Guardian has their own unique distortion tone. The vocals are more of a raspy kind of death growl than the usual deep guttural style, which works perfectly for this sound. Dare I say that you can actually here what he's saying. Death growling along to the words is fun I gotta say, especially when he says the title line "IT'S AN OVER... ACTIVE... IMAGINATION!" This song is proof that death metal can be headbangingly awesome and still be progressive and well constructed. And definitely a kick ass way to bring back the MOTD! And despite the writer's block, this song has yet to disappoint me!

Death - Overactive Imagination

(note: I wanted to get this first post up before I started reuploaded the older tracks. Either tomorrow or Sunday, I'll reupload the last two entries. If anyone wants me to upload any other tracks, let me know)