Sunday, March 22, 2009

MOTD - Anj: Prog thrash/heavy metal mixed with Russian politics and Gogol Bordello (plus music video!)

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Anj or АнЖ
Song: Gorbachev
Album: Russian Roulette
Style: Progressive Thrash/Heavy Metal
country/location: Moscow, Russia
release: 2008

So what happens when you mix Megadeth with Gogol Bordello and add a little bit of Russian politics and progressive craziness? You got Anj! This band was introduced to me by a friend of mine via an incredibly hilarious and bizarre music video (which is presented below along with the track!). Hailing from Moscow, they create an incredibly creative and catchy sound that literally sounds like if a prog thrash metal band decided to jam with Gogol Bordello. The song starts off with an awesome thrashy riff that then goes into the quieter verse with the lead vocalist singing English but with a strong and emotional Russian accent (surprise). The chorus is catchy and dare I say radio friendly ending with him singing "GORBACHOV!!!" It's infectious and strange (enough that I'm posting this now opposed to later). What's a metal song without a solo, and well at least a catchy little solo that morphs into a Russian influenced polka-esc jig that brings this crazy song to it's conclusion. The music video is even more hilarious and brilliant, involving Stalin zombies attacking hot working women and a heroic viking-like wrestler-looking Gorbachev (we assume) saving these women, all the while the band plays over Russian/Shepard Fairy-esc propaganda images. I now really want to see these guys live for they seem like they would be a lot of fun!

Anj - Gorbachev