Monday, February 16, 2009

MOTD - Novembre: A Valentine's of Sorts

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Novembre
Song: Valentine
Album: Novembrine Waltz
Style: (progressive) Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
country/location: Rome, Italy
release: 2001

(this post was intended for Saturday so pretend it's still Valentine's Day hehe)

So now I'm going to be posting a bunch of random stuff. Some of the tracks are going to be the usual Wren randomness and some of them will be what you might call outtakes from previous series (including a reupload of a track that I only had a sample of). Anyways

So since today is Valentine's Day I felt like posting something Valentine's related. I did a quick search through my extensive collection only to find that I only had one track with the word Valentine in the title and it seemed like a good selection for this day. Instead of a silly humorous song, here's a nice and beautiful song!

Novembre is a band of many labels. They are often listed as a progressive metal band or as a gothic band or a doom band or a black/death band or even a combination of all the above. In the case of this track, the elements they utilize are incredibly melodic gothic-like guitar lines as well as progressive shifts. The song is loaded with gorgeous melodies, dare I say radio friendly hooks, as well as some heavy moments. Novembre is known for having moments that are quite brutal and extreme with harsh vocals and even the occasional blast beat, however this song isn't an example of that. There's a couple moments that you almost anticipate a screech or something from the vocalist, but he never does it and it works beautifully. The vocals here are very dead pan which works quite well with the melodies. This is the type of song that I'd introduce to someone who's only notion of metal is gore and death metal; An example of how metal can be heavy and gorgeous at the same time. This band is also the type of band that probably won't appeal to extreme and brutal metal fans, however with an open mind Novembre will reward you.

Novembre - Valentine


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