Saturday, June 27, 2009

MOTD - Britney Spears: And now for something completely different... (metal remix)

Mp3 Of The Day

(tried to find a pic of her in corpse paint, but no luck)

Band/Artist: Britney Spears (don't know who did the remix)
Song: Toxic (metal/rock remix)
Album: In The Zone (remix not on album I think)
Style: Pop, dance-pop, electronica (with a touch of metal)
country/location: United States
release: 2002

And now for something completely different... Yep, I'm interrupting the old school metal series to post Britney Spears! And yes, many of you are going to facepalm over this, but there's reason to my madness (well, not really haha). So about a week or two ago, a video/mp3 of a version of Katy Perry's song "I Kissed A Girl" appeared on the internets. This version took Ms. Perry's vocals off this pop tune and put them over an originally written/record power metal backing track. It was really well done and worked beautiful. This little mashup reminded me of another silly but kick ass metalized pop song (though admittedly the Katy Perry one is a little bit more well constructed).

When I first heard this metalized version of the uber catchy Britney Spears song, Toxic, I was flabbergasted (great word). I'll admit that I enjoy the song without the alterations (it's a really catchy song! sosumi!), however it got ten times more awesome with the extra metal muscle. Unlike the Katy Perry mashup, this version of Toxic isn't a perfect backing track nor is the instrumental sections particularly original. There's one backing track that provides the chugging rhythm section, with another soloing guitar that follows Britney's vocals, which sounds awesome (I think). Unfortunately, you can still hear a good chunk of the un-doctored song, but the added metal power works really well in parts, especially in the instrumental breaks. My one complain is the pop beats are a bit too predominant and the song should have all metal drums, but eh, I still find the whole experience a lot of fun. Many of you seasoned metalheads will go "ARG WREN!" and yes it's a commercialized radio friendly danceable pop song with a metal background, but gosh darn I think it's awesome and fun!

(don't worry, the old school metal series will return for the next MOTD! A band that shares the same name as a popular alternative rock band, but imo better!)