Thursday, November 26, 2009

MOTD - Factory: Happy Heavy Metal/Rockin' Turkey Day!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Factory
Song: The History Of The Turkey
Album: You are the music (single)
Style: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal/Hard Rock N Roll
country/location: UK
release: 1982

So in honor of Thanksgiving, I decided to post a Thanksgiving related song! In my little search, I came across this little ditty of a song about a turkey by this old obscure rock n roll/NWOBHM band called Factory. Not much is known about them other than they had a fellow by the name of Ray Dodd as a member and they released a 2 song single/demo and participated in a split/compilation with 4 other heavy metal bands (included Chinawite which I posted earlier). Anyways this band is a hard rockin' metal band having more in common with classic rock n roll. The guitar playing is rockin and rollin, while still having that metal heaviness. The singer has a great old rock n roll voice, and the guitar licks have that old rock groove that is danceable and rockin (keep on using that word haha). The production here is really perfect for this style, every instrument is heard clearly and the crisp rawness of the music remains intact. No pristine shimmer here! It's heavy metal/rock n roll as it should be! Anyways, check this out as you are consuming turkey or tofurkey!


Unknown said...


Yeah your right they did have a bassist named Ray Dodd he is my uncle :) Ive been looking for that vinyl for We are the music and History of the Turkey in my house but no luck. Next time i visit him ill try find whatever else he has and send you that if youd like?



boblovesmusic said...

Woah, that's amazing! I'm a fan of your uncle's old band (obviously). I'd be honored to hear anything else he and/or Factory might've recorded!

Tell him that he has at least one fan in the US!

(admittedly I downloaded the music off an old school metal forum haha)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

Christian is my son and told me of your site so I thought you might like to know a little more.....

Factory are no longer in existence and the song you mention was the only single they produced before disbanding.

They toured Europe and especially played at Airforce bases in Germany.

Ray is still playing small local gigs with another ex factory member in a band called killin floor.

His stage name is Ray Zarembski and information can be found on their web site at:

I went to see them play last night and can only say they haven't lost the knack to hold an audiance !

Ray is the guy with a full head of hair and a beard playing Bass guitar.

All the best