Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MOTD - Alekhine's Gun: A One Two Punch

Mp3 Of The Day
Band/Artist: Alekhine's Gun
Song: Bardo
Album: demo
Style: Death/Thrash/Hardcore
country/location: Brooklyn NY
release: 2011

At Ralphs Diner in Worcester two Thursdays ago, Alekhine's Gun was setting up. Wasn't sure what to expect from this Brooklyn, NY band, but I was curious to see what they offered. Next thing I know they explode on stage with an aggressive and energetic sound that was impossible to ignore. Alekhine's Gun is a one two death/thrash/hardcore punch. Guitarists Jeff Martinez and Paul Pisano provide a wide range of memorable riffs ranging from chugging headbangers to almost black metal tremolo playing to unrelenting thrashers to crushing slams. A mechanical rhythm section delivers the clockwork rumblings, poundings and blastbeats that accentuate the metallic aggressive crunch that permeates their sound. The final piece to Alekhine's Gun is the Dominican/Brooklyn hardcore attitude and energy of frontwoman Jessica Pimentel who shouts, screams, growls directly in your face. One can feel her angered breath even from the back of the room as she runs around on stage. I would definitely go see them again when they return to the area (which I hope they do soon)! Check them out!


Munson the Destroyer said...

Super high energy song! And a chick vocalist! Badass!