Sunday, December 7, 2008

MOTD - Ayat: Very Raw Black Metal from Lebanon! Not for the easily offended!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Ayat
Song: The Possession
Album: Al Nabi Moujrem Moughtaseb Dajjal
Style: Black Metal (very raw black metal)
country/location: Beirut, Lebanon
release: 2005

Now this is raw black metal at it's best! This band is not for the easily offended nor for the faint of heart! It is excruciatingly noisy production! Gritty gritty guitars, extreme extreme vocals, blasting blasting drums! Anti-religious and evil lyrical themes! As they say in their liner notes, "AYAT reigns supreme over the Black Metal scene in the fucking middle east. AYAT supports the total annihilation of mankind, ..., torture of those who deserve it, and supreme fucking mayhem across all nations, religions and races of the earth. If you are offended by our beliefs you might as well fuck off..." This is pure hatred of all people's and things. Not only that, they're from Lebanon! They aren't much appreciated in their home country as a result of their anti-religious and anti-humanity beliefs.

Someone once was complaining about how all black metal was just noise. Well, Ayat is a band to almost prove them right. To the untrained ear, this is just noise, gritty and blasting noise. However if you listen through the static and distortion it's pretty complex and intense stuff. The guitar playing is relentless but there is method to the madness. Dark and minor sounding tremolo riffs with some of the most excruciating screaming vocals this side of hell. This is more than your usual raw black metal that is just playing with the grim and dark atmosphere. Underneath all the static, there are these weird moments of melodious almost ethnic singing. So faint are they in these moments, you aren't sure whether they're coming from the music or from some other location. It's incredible when you pick it out, especially towards the end of the song as the intensity slows down (though doesn't diminish). The track ends with one large blast of static, distorted, screaming noise that turns off abruptly as a woman's voice comes through singing something very middle eastern. It's so bizarre when you hear it for the first time. Ayat is very traditional in their raw black metal, however the little quirks set them apart from all other bands of their ilk.

Ayat - The Possession