Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MOTD - Njiqahdda: A Rich but Complex Psychedelic/Ambient Black Metal Pie

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Njiqahdda
Song: Aasklamatii Ligmett Aursag
Album: Nji. Njiijn. Njiiijn.
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal/Psychedelic Rock/Ambient
country/location: Illinois, US
release: 2008

This is a very unusual and hard to describe band. I'm not entirely sure whether my description will do Njiqahdda justice hehe. They're also a band that takes a little time and effort to get used to and to love. Oh don't get me wrong, they're an incredible group, but their brilliance comes from a lot of listens. Their album is one of my top of 2008.

Njiqahdda is a weird mix of various styles. You could almost call them a kind of musical cream pie. Black metal is the cookie crumb base, giving a gritty and thin guitar tone and extreme vocal support to the whole dish. The filling is a creamy semi-repetitive but doesn't get old psychedelic/indie/post rock riffing custard that flows from one bite to the next. It's still the same taste in your ears, but there's something slightly different for each morsel. The closing crust is a glaze of atmospheric, noisy and ambient elements that give this pie a rich and full bodied taste. Cooked in a very raw and natural production oven and you get a strangely delicious psychedelic/ambient black metal pie! I suppose that some people won't like this pie, especially since it is a complex yet simple yet repetitive yet bizarre 18 minutes of edible music. I hope you'll try a bite, but you have to eat the entire thing to really enjoy it!

Njiqahdda - Aasklamatii Ligmett Aursag