Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MOTD - L.i.E. - A Unique Blend of 70s Prog, Modern Alternative Rock and Heavy Metal

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: L.i.E.
Song: Control
Album: none yet
Style: Progressive/Alternative Rock/Metal
country/location: Augusta, Georgia
release: hasn't yet!

We interrupt this program with a special bulletin. China has taken over Nigeria with their space ships. President Bush has said that the United States will respond in full force with their nuclear twinkies.

Actually, I'm interrupting the black metal series by posting an awesome upcoming band! Normally I would wait for a slightly better time, but this takes precedent. First of all this band is worth checking out. Second of all, the drummer of this band, is one of the guys that I stole/borrowed/took over the MOTD from. Not only that, his MOTD post helped shape my growing as a metal fan. So whenever he and the other guys want me to post something, I am obliged to interrupt whatever series I'm doing. Don't worry, it's an honor to do so!

Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, L.i.E. is a unique but traditional band that takes a lot of small elements from different genres and mixes them together into a catchy and awesome sound. These elements range from 1970s progressive rock, modern alternative hard rock, traditional metal, and lots of melody. I would hesitate to call them a strict metal band, but then again I think they're metal enough for me to label them as such! The metal elements are found in the heavily distorted and powerful riffs heard during the chorus, though even the heaviness is melodic and heartfelt enough to be friendly to a radio audience. The verses bring the 1970s prog sound to the mix, with echoey guitars and flute-sounding keyboards. There are some harsh-ish vocals, though to call them extreme or death growls would be completely off. High pitched harsh barks would be one way to put it. The chorus is incredibly catchy and with an anthemic feel to it. I found myself singing "BACK TO THE WATER!!!" while walking home from work, which is always a sign of a well written catchy chorus. L.i.E. is a band to keep an eye and ear out for!

L.i.E. - Control