Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MOTD (finally) - Misantropical Painforest: Epic, Raw, Undescribeable Black Metal

Sorry guys I've been lazy recently! I hope to get back to my usual speed soon! Got tons of awesome (and awful hehe) stuff coming! Enjoy this bizarre and awesome gem!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Misantropical Painforest
Song: Past the Stonecircle Clearing
Album: Winds Saturate With Inhumane Longing
Style: Black Metal (epic, raw, thrashy, bizarre)
country/location: Finland
release: 2005

Ahh, 2009 is here! 2008 is be a distant memory. New Year's Eve was a perfectly black metal night, for there was a pretty epic and grim snowstorm that blew into New England. Bitting cold, fast winds that blew the snow into drifts, howling natural sounds. It was awesome. So today, the sixth day of 2009 (I've been on a small vacation and for whatever reason I haven't felt like writing, sosumi!), I present to you some epic, raw, sorta bizarre black metal from Finland.

Epic and raw don't usually go together, especially in black metal, but Misantropical Painforest mixes these two elements really well, as well as adding a bunch of bizarre touches, thrash leaning aspects and a strange composition/improvisation feel. Plus their band name is just really fun to say! The production on this song is as raw as good raw black metal gets. The guitars are really gritty, the drums sound natural and the vocals are lightly effected (a tiny bit of reverb, but of the gritty raw variety). Some of the riffs are black metal in nature, but most of the playing is almost thrash based. Black/thrash some people would call it. Some of the riffs are melodic and epic sounding, the first one that you hear being an almost infectious line before the harsh black metal vocals come in. Then things get a little weird when this kinda operatic singing voice comes in the semi-background. This and the harsh vocals duet each other most of the songs, sometimes even singing the same line. It's kinda bizarre, but really awesome. At least I enjoy it. The song is kinda a wandering song that has moments that sounds written and composed, while other moments have an improvisational quality to it, then going into thrashy sections before going back into the improvised style. Not sure if it's the music or the fact the band is called Misantropical Painforest, but whenever I listen to it, I always think of tribal rainforest music. This band is quite difficult to describe, at least I've had trouble describing it (also my excuse for taking so damn long). Definitely won't appeal to everyone, but it's worth listening to! One of my favorite finds of 2008! (though released in 2005)

Misantropical Painforest - Past the Stonecircle Clearing

Also, woah, one away from #200 (which hopefully won't take a week to post)! I promise the 200th post is going to be life transforming ;)