Saturday, January 31, 2009

MOTD - O: Definitely not Oprah's black metal band

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: O
Song: amm.unit.ion 909
Album: O.B.C split
Style: Raw Black Metal (with a little industrial tinge)
country/location: Finland
release: 2005

O my god this band rules! O man, I love this O so awesome band! Okay maybe I don't love this O so awesome band but they're pretty O so good. I've been listening to this song a bit lately and felt that it would O be appropriate for the black metal series. O is a Finnish raw black metal side project of the members of ...And Oceans/Havoc Unit. Instead of being symphonic, they're a much more intense and raw style of black metal. While most of their music is very raw black metal with gritty guitars and blast beats, this track has a slight industrial tinge. Not a hugely noticeable tinge, but the guitars have a slightly mechanical feel to it and there are industrial sounding samples. The vocals are an angry almost shouting black metal style that you can sometimes make out what he's saying especially when he sounds like he's saying "Fuck fuck fuck fuck!" It's an intense and noisy song and will definitely turn off some people. They're very much not a band for Oprah that's for sure. hehe. However, it's strangely infectious in a raw black metal sorta way (at least for me). Check it Out! O joy to the black metal!

O - amm.unit.ion 909