Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MOTD - Sigh: Avant-garde black metal with jazzy interludes, disco breakdowns and psychedelic riffs

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Sigh
Song: A Sunset Song
Album: Imaginary Sonicscape
Style: Avant-Garde Post-Black Metal who knows!
country/location: Tokyo, Japan
release: 2001

Well I'm back! Well I hope I'm back... Hey guys, am I back? Backstreet's back alright?
Anyways, after my week long break from MOTDing, it's time to get back to some extreme and grim black metal. Well, sorta. You see I had something planned for my first song back, but I can't upload it until tomorrow. Instead, I bring you Sigh!

Words that have been used to describe this Japanese metal band: Strange, bizarre, grim, totally awesome, wtf?, groovy, extreme, happy, psychedelic, mindboggling, jazzy, symphonic, brutal, unique, original, what the hell am I listening to but it's awesome! Starting out as an awesome but unique black metal band, they've transformed themselves every album by adding different and bizarre influences. This song is one of the more unusual of their repertoire (at least that I've heard). It starts off with a groovy and psychedelic guitar riff that sounds far and away from black metal. It's a kinda happy and strolling melody that moves and a nice pace. Then the vocals and crunchy guitars come in. The vocals are full black metal growls, though with a little bit more body than your usual extreme style. Throughout the song, the psychedelic feel remains, while moving into various other bizarre styles, like a jazzy keyboard section after the verse or a full on funky disco breakdown about two-thirds into the song (which surprises me every time it appears and I go "WHAT THE FUCK!?" hehe). Sigh is one of the best examples of the stereotype that Japan produces some of the weirdest stuff ever. However, Sigh is much more than your bizarre avant-garde Japanese metal band. There is method to the madness! And what a brilliant madness it is! *sigh*

Sigh - A Sunset Song