Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MOTD - Darkspace: Haunting Ambience and Big Riffs

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Darkspace
Song: Dark 3.13
Album: Dark Space III
Style: Ambient Black/Dark Metal
country/location: Bern, Berne, Switzerland
release: 2008

Ok enough with the cheesy 80s, time to return to the grim and tr00 black metal! Today we go to the even darker and more ambient corners of black metal. Taking the extreme sounds of black metal and adding tons of dark and haunting ambience, Darkspace is a listening experience like no other. The music they create is one part dark atmospheric ambient music that is supposed to envelope you in a wall of sound and one part riff oriented black metal with thrash and death metal inspired riffs that are thick and full. This one piece combines these two elements beautifully as well as allowing both styles to shine. The song starts off with a huge blast of ambience, noisy guitars, and tortured screams. It's pure black metal ambience with melancholy and spacey guitars. There are drums, but they are so far in the back that you hardly notice them and yet their presence is crucial to the sound. This ambient continues, flowing and washing over you, with little changes in the melodies to your ears happy (or sad) and to keep the music from growing stale. Right when you think you've been lulled into this ambient black metal bliss, the big change happens. A driving thrashy chugging riff breaks through and pounds at you through the end of the piece, all while little ambient touches keep the feeling of the first half going. It's glorious, calming, ambient, distressing, surprisingly melodic and headbanging music. All of these words hardly go together often, but Darkspace does it so well!

Darkspace - Dark 3.13