Monday, December 27, 2010

MOTD - Halford Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Halford
Song: What Child Is This
Album: Winter Songs
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Birmingham, England, UK
release: 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, blah blah blah something something something mouse.

Well this weekend was Christmas. That holy day of holy days. That special day where kids wake up at ungodly hours to run to a highly decorated evergreen coniferous tree to unwrapped divine presents. While I can't say I celebrate this holiday in any traditional sense, I do kinda understand the specialness of it, and thus would like to pass on some holiday well wishes to my readers. Who else to wish you a Merry Christmas than the legendary voice of Judas Priest!

This is Halford's contribution to the world of holiday/Christmas music, a collection of metal/rock versions of Christmas carols and original seasonal themed songs. Unlike the powerful heavy metal anthems of Judas Priest, a lot of this music takes on a lighter, sincere and almost personal approach, particularly in this calm but epic metal tinged rendition of "What Child Is This." The metal crunch provides the power to this lullaby while pop/rock elements provide a glorious and infectious feeling. Halford sounds just as strong as he would on a Judas Priest record, however he is more relaxed, just letting his natural voice triumph (no falsettos here). It's really a beautiful and epic piece that does the original composition justice. "What Child Is This" is one of my favorite Christmas carols.

Well, I hope your holiday season was a joyous one (whether you believe in the religious aspects or not)! Merry Christmas to all, Happy Hanukah to all, Happy Kwanzaa to all, Happy Boxing Day to all!


Ken said...

Since we have no fireplace at the apartment here in snowy Jackson Heights, I very much enjoyed the BLAST FURNACE effect of this charming Xmas carol. Thanks, Wren, for waking me up in time for dinner. Happy Holidays and an most excellent 2011!