Monday, October 24, 2016

Stuff I Done Listened To Post 3: Dream Theater, Deiphago, БУТ, Deconsecrate

Full Lengths

Band/Artist: Dream Theater
Song: Our New World
Album: The Astonishing
Style: Progressive Metal
country/location: Long Island, New York, USA
release: 2016

I guess technically I listened to this album this week. I mean, Dream Theater played this over 2 hour long album in its entirety at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester and I was witness to it. This incredibly overwhelming but thoroughly enjoyable hunk of the most proggy prog metal. It was so much prog! Dream Theater is true to form here. Actually I'd say that it's a return to form for them; Going back to the days when they would release concept albums packed to the brim with prog based metal opposed to the more heavier material of recent. This is the type of metal that Berklee kids can only dream (theater?) of constructing. Heh, during the show there was this dude that would occasionally yell out what key the song was in or what scale the music was composed in. "Mixolydian!" or "What time signature was that!?" Oh good times!

Band/Artist: Deiphago
Song: Satan Mongers
Album: Satan Alpha Omega
Style: Black/Death Metal
country/location: Manila, Philippines (1989-2004); Heredia, Costa Rica (2004-present)
release: 2012

There are bands that are often described as violent assaults. In comparison, Deiphago's music is so violent that it would be considered a war crime in some countries. Hailing from the Philippines and Costa Rica, this war machine of a band pummels you with a black/death metal fury that few will be able to stand. This is the real stuff, nothing watered down nor held back. Just pure unadulterated aggressive sound. Love it!

Band/Artist: БУТ
Song: Insidious
Album: Call For Nemesis
Style: Grindcore
country/location: České Budějovice/Zlív, Czech Republic
release: 2012
So if there's one thing in music that is a constant, it's that the Czech Republic produces the best grindcore in the world. Not sure what it is about that region of the world, but every Czech grind band I've ever heard has been incredible. БУТ is a prime example of this. The band kills! This is beefed up, bold riffed grind. They know how to grab your ears with a groovy recognizable riff and then bash you into submission. The vocalist has the most awesome grind bark this side of Napalm Death. Damn, I wish I could see them again!

Band I'm Listening To A Result of the Metal Archives Random Band Feature

Band/Artist: Deconsecrate
Song: Tidebringer
Album: Nothing Is Sacred
Style: Death Metal/Hardcore
country/location: Ypres/Zwevegem, West Flanders, Belgium
release: 2015

So this week/post's edition of the Random Band band selection is a hardcore infused death metal band from Belgium. So far in my digestion of this band, Deconsecrate sounds like a promising act, molding the brutality of death metal with the in-your-face qualities of hardcore in a way that brings out the best of both styles. The vocalists goes back and forth between death growls and hardcore barks with ease. The guitar work is straight out of the Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse schools of brutality with breakdowns that the NYHC scene would be proud of. This is quality!