Sunday, October 30, 2016

The things I listened to sometime in the last week or so post 4: Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Savage Master, Sloth (again)

Full Lengths

Band/Artist: Bedroom Rehab Corporation
Song: Basilosaurus
Album: Red Over Red
Style: Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal/Rock
country/location: New London, Connecticut, USA
release: 2013

There are bands that only seem to get better every time I see them live. Connecticut's Bedroom Rehab Corporation is one of them. Then I learn their recordings perfectly convey the energy, heaviness and rifftastic nature. This 2 piece powerhouse proves that just bass and drums are all one needs to make killer metal. Adam's bass work and tonework is spot on psychedelic and heavy, Meghan provides powerful 1 2 punch drums that pumps up the hard rockin nature of their craft. Adam's voice is gravelly and bluesy, giving an authentic feel. If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. Their energy on stage is infectious! One of New England's finest!

Band/Artist: Savage Master
Song: Ready to Sin
Album: With Whips and Chains
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
release: 2016

There are bands that only seem to get better every time I see them live. Kentucky's Savage Master is one of them! This is the true heavy metal from the days when the occult was subject, imagery was dark and twisted, riffs were crafted like ritualistic creations, and frontwomen didn't sing but bark their sinister and sinful words. Wendy O Williams herself would consider this beast a protege! These are savage anthems that would send Tipper Gore running to the closest Parental Advisory sticker. If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it! Their energy on stage is delicious! One of the finest new heavy metal bands!


Sloth Single Of The Week

Band/Artist: Sloth
Song: I'm Half Way There ​(​10​/​25​/​16)
Album: I'm Half Way There ​(​10​/​25​/​16)
Style: Noise
country/location: Tampa, Florida USA
release: 2016

So there's this band called Sloth who for the last two or three years have been releasing a noise track practically every day with silly/weird/whatever titles. It's all just noise, but for the fun of it, I thought every other post I'd post one here for no reason other than I find them hilarious. Anyways this one is called I'm Half Way There ​(​10​/​25​/​16). This might be the most pleasant enjoyable noise single I've heard from them. Imagine super heavy sludge distortion that doesn't change notes or sound. Just stays there. Kinda like Sunn 0))) without any changes whatsoever. Though the more I listen to it, the more I think I hear changes but I'm not sure if that's my brain or the actual track. Anyways, enjoy!