Monday, October 10, 2016

Stuff I've Listened To Post 1: Agatus, The Devil's Blood, Irisa, Midnight Chaser

Full Albums

Band/Artist: Agatus
Song: The Invisible (The Fifth Portal To Atlantis)
Album: The Eternalist
Style: A melting pot of black metal, heavy metal, 70s prog, epic metal
country/location: Athens, Greece
release: 2016

I read a review of this album that said this album is a melting pot of black metal, NWOBHM, 70s prog and epicness. It was so true that I couldn't come up with my own analogy so I stole it. The riffs are straight out of 1980s Britain and the tone and atmosphere is straight out of 1990s Scandinavia. But then there are synth lines and drum fills that Rush and Dream Theater fans would love. It fits so well together!

Band/ArtistThe Devil's Blood
Album: The Thousandfold Epicentre
Style: Occult/Psychedelic/Prog Rock
country/location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
release: 2011

I've had this CD in my collection for a few years now after seeing them at MDF and I'm just getting around to giving it a thorough listen. The Devil's Blood is often labeled as a retro band or a throw back to the early 70s, however I would say that their sound is more an update to that style and feel. They certainly sound like they would've fit in perfectly at the original Woodstock with all the psychedelic atmosphere and occult themes. That said, they are not in a haze with the past but using those influences as a template!

Random Stuff I Stumbled Upon

SongBlue (Eiffel 65, 1999)
Album: GameBoy by Superclima
Style: Alternative Rock - Art Rock
country/location: Córdoba, Argentina
release: 2015

So I was going to post an Eiffel 65 song that I had stuck in my head as a result of my wife indirectly mentioning a lyric from it (which I'll save for another day heh), but somehow I stumbled upon this little gem. This is probably the closest one will ever get to hearing a stripped down organic version of this song. It's still pop and electric, but it has electric guitar leads, violins, Latin American rhythm, a relaxed and clean singer, 4 part harmony sections, funky bass lines. It really is refreshing. I might have to check out more from this band!

Band I'm Listening To Right This Second As A Result of the Metal Archives Random Band Feature

So every other post I do, I'm going to click the Random Band link on the Metal Archives (yeah I'm a MA nerd!) and if I can listen to them (there are tons of bands that are very hard to find recordings of), I'll post about that band. This post's selection is:

Band/ArtistMidnight Chaser
Song Lion's Choice
Album: Lion's Choice
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Oakland, California
release: 2014

As luck would have it, Midnight Chaser came up! I've seen their name come up on awesome lineups including some of my favorite new trad/heavy metal bands (Visigoth, High Spirits to name a few). This is high octane balls to the wall fist pumping heavy metal that is chock full o' riffs, soaring vocals, guitar solos, anthemic songwriting. This is the real deal! I really really hope these guys come around to Ralphs and play, cus I can't imagine this being anything less than the best!