Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MOTD - Animals Killing People: the only Vegan (and PETA approved) Brutal Death Metal Band

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Animals Killing People
Song: Coat Of Human Skin
Album: Human Hunting Season EP
Style: Brutal Death Metal
country/location: New York City, NY, US
release: 2004

So two nights ago my buddy and I went to Tufts to go see a free metal show featuring a bunch of amazing bands. Unfortunately the college transformer blew* (not sure how or why or what) and the entire campus was without power. As a result the show was canceled. (though we had fun hanging out with some of the guys from Composted who I'll post later on) So in honor of the show that didn't happen, I present to you a couple of the bands! Today I share with you the one band I was really really looking forward to seeing!

You can probably guess by the band name that this brutal death band is a bit different than the usual gore themed bands. They're probably one of the few, if not only, brutal death bands to have a pro-animals agenda! Well, specifically animals killing people, opposed to people killing animals. The band members are vegan and acEach song starts off with a sample of some humans being eaten or killed by various animals. This one features a poor helpless human getting caught in a blizzard (I think) and then getting eaten alive by hundreds of rats. It's quite terrifying and kinda hilarious at the same time. Musically, they're have all the typical brutal death aspects, incredibly inhuman (ha) gargling vocals, fast blast-beating ringing drums, low-end heavily distorted riffs. The thing that I really like about these guys is that the riffs they have are more than just random chaos. They are kinda melodic, headbangable in parts, while being kinda technical and extremely brutal. This is pure brutal death metal man! Yeah, they sound like every other band, but I really like these guys. A friend of mine and I were talking about how there weren't any really good vegan-ish bands. (she's vegan too!) This band was the one band that came to mind as the exception. (though I found another band that I'll post later on as well) Really bummed that they didn't play!

Animals Killing People - Coat Of Human Skin

*if it was a Transformers battle that caused the power outage, that would've made up for the disappointment!