Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MOTD - Lamented Souls - Epic Doom from the clean voice of Dimmu Borgir

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Lamented Souls
Song: Essence Of Wounds
Album: The Origins of Misery
Style: (epic) Doom Metal
country/location: Oslo, Norway
release: recorded in 1997, released 2004

So I went to see Dimmu Burger Borgir on Friday and much to my elitist surprise, I really enjoyed them. As Amy put it best, they're the glam of black metal! In talking about the show, I remembered that ICS Vortex (Simen Hestnæs), the guy who does the amazing clean vocals for Dimmu, had been in a doom metal project back in the 90s. I had also remembered that one song from that project was an amazing epic doom metal song that kicks so much ass (bad grammar? blah!). So I've decided that you all have to hear this song!

This song is so grand and epic, which is only enhanced by Vortex's (Vortice?) amazing cords. It's a doomy song with some really awesome atmosphere and mood setting. The melodies here are strangely simple and dare I say catchy but at the same not singalongable. The main riff is a descending dark (minor? maybe?) melody that sounds like a staircase to despair and/or hell. It's so simple but so effective, especially when Vortex sings along with it in a powerful (reverbed) way. I've been trying to sing along with it but the rhythm throws me off and I can't seem to figure out what note the melody starts on. There are some classic epic doom chords to help move the song along. The song is so epic and awesome. It's too bad that this project doesn't have much more than a couple demos and this compilation of their work. Anyways, check out this incredible track!

Lamented Souls - Essence Of Wounds