Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MOTD - Someone demanded Snow, so here's some old school heavy metal!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Snow
Song: Don't Want Any More
Album: Snow EP
Style: Heavy Metal
country/location: Los Angeles, California, US
release: 1981

So I'm interrupting the Idaho series for a very special post. A buddy of mine yesterday was complaining how everywhere there was snow, except for where he was. He was demanding snow! Who am I to deny him snow? So here is a band called Snow! :-D

Even better, an old school metal band from the early early 80s featuring musicians who would later play in Quiet Riot! I'll admit, I've had these guys on my computer for awhile, but didn't actually get around to listening to them. Much to my surprise they're quite good, with some songs being amazing! This track is one of the kick ass ones. Even for it's time, it's a pretty heavy song. The drums have a little bit of a double bass drum kick though it's subtle (production makes it hard to hear it). The distortion has an awesome crunch with the main riff being a powerful, catchy and edgy one. The singer has an excellent rock voice, though not particularly recognizable. He does some falsetto jumps that are perfectly placed. The chorus is edgy but catchy. It's an awesome hard rock/metal anthem. Hopefully this will satisfy the demands for Snow hehe, I know it works beautifully for me! (I'll be listening to these guys a bunch now, thank you!)

Snow - Don't Want Any More