Sunday, October 26, 2008

MOTD - XEX: A Bizarre but Unique Band from Idaho

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: XEX
Song: Tell Us Why
Album: Triad
Style: Progressive Thrash/Heavy Metal
country/location: Boise, Idaho
release: 2006

So I have this long playlist for the MOTD. I try to keep to it but a lot (A HUGE AMOUNT) of the time something will come up that I'll have to post or some requests something that I agree needs to be post. And then time flies by at a rapid pace and it's at least five months later than I was planning on post. This is a case of that! I was going to do a little tribute to the small Idaho metal scene (since I had gone there for a week). The scene is very small, so small that I had to order two of these bands when I got home and the other two were semi-legal downloads. None of these bands are going to change the metal world, but they've got some awesome quirks (and I figure someone will find them interesting)! Also, the point of the MOTD is to introduce people to unknown bands, so here are some r

In any event, I present to you XEX! This Boise based band is a varied and somewhat unique band (in parts), which makes them a fun and interesting band to listen to. The progressive tag is very true to them, for they go all over the place. Some songs are very generic semi-thrash metal songs that are decent but nothing special, some are full on progressive metal epics, and some are just, well, bizarre! This song is one of the latter, going from a full on (awesome) thrash riff to the verse, which can best be describe as, well, polka? If someone told me that they had a tuba in place of a bass, I think I'd believe them. This then goes morphs back into the thrash riff. It's a bizarre song that when I first heard it I was kinda confused. While incredibly bizarre, it's a really well composed song. The different sections work well together and each aspect fits into the overall piece. XEX is a serious band that has a small but powerful sense of humor!

XEX - Tell Us Why