Thursday, November 6, 2008

MOTD - Crillson: A Surprisingly Awesome Power Metal Band from Sarah Palin's home town!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Crillson
Song: The Chosen One
Album: Coming Of A New Age
Style: Power Metal
country/location: Wasilla, Alaska
release: 1993

Well blow me a whale, who would've guessed that there was a metal band from Wasilla, Alaska, the hometown of Sarah Palin. Not only was there a metal band from Wasilla, there was a damn awesome one. Even I'm kinda surprised at this band's awesomeness. Yeah yeah, I probably wouldn't have discovered them if I wasn't curious to see if there were metal bands from Sarah Palin's home town, but man well worth it!

Crillson is a power metal band taking influences from early Fates Warning, King Diamond (some of the riffs and the bit of falsetto action remind me of the good King), Helloween and maybe a little bit of (early) Lizzy Borden. What that means for those who don't know is heavy guitar riffs, reverbed drums, high pitched vocals that border on cheesy but are kinda awesome, and lots and lots of POWER! And man these guys do this formula well. They have a little bit of a progressive tinge, especially in this song for they begin the song with a bang awesome riff and then it morphs into a slow chugging epic song with some heartfelt emotion guitar solos and lots and lots of POWER! This song comes from their only album, which is sad for they had a lot of potential. I'll warn you guys, the sound quality isn't as good as it could be, but even minus better production, it sounds awesome. A friend of mine was saying that they should've reunited this year as a result of the election, hehe. I would've loved to have seen that! Anyways, check out this awesome band!

Crillson - The Chosen One