Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MOTD - An Election Day anthem from an A cappella group - The Bobs

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: The Bobs
Song: Democratic Process
Album: The Bobs
Style: New Wave A Cappella (Metal in my mind)
country/location: San Francisco, California
release: 1983

With the historic election taking place, I found myself obligated to post a song in honor of this day. However, I couldn't find any metal songs that really fit the occasion. I suppose there are a whole slew of them but somehow none of them really drew me to post. In thinking about this election, I realized that the band that got me into music in general (and partially the inspiration for my screenname) have the perfect election day song. And this band is an a cappella group. A fantastic, amazing a cappella group.

The Bobs!

The Bobs are a groundbreaking, fun, original, hilarious and really awesome a cappella group. They're one of the major groups of the NWONWAC (New Wave Of New Wave A Cappella) back in the early 80s. Unlike most a cappella groups, they think of themselves as a band which translates into rock-like and unique arrangements. With this band mentality they add tons of humor and wit to their lyrics. Still around after 25 years of rocking out, they're still all brilliant and fun. I may be biased since I grew up with them and they're now friends of mine (which is the coolest thing in the world), but they're one of the best groups out there! (If you can, go to one of their shows, they're a blast both musically and humorously for their stage conversations are blasts of comedy and hilarity.)

They also have the distinction of inadvertently predicted Sarah Palin. This song was written back in 1983 and is a hilarious song that "explains" how vice-presidential candidates are chosen. The song has the feeling of being a news broadcast with a spoken word verse and a really catchy chorus. Perfect I say for this historic moment hehe. Outside of the election, it's still a hilarious and fun song to be addicted to! One of their best I have to say!

I know you've all been bombarded with messages, but don't forget to vote!

The Bobs - Democratic Process