Monday, November 10, 2008

MOTD - Kryterium: A Nice Slab Of Groove Metal from Idaho

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Kryterium
Song: Control
Album: Control
Style: Half-Thrash/Groove Metal
country/location: 2007
release: Boise Idaho

Ok it's time back to the Idaho metal scene that I felt like sharing with you! This band seems to be one of the rising stars of the Idaho metal scene (at least they seem to be slightly more well known then many other Idaho bands). Kryterium play a raw but generically catchy style of groove metal. To say that Machine Head and Pantera are influences would be an understatement, however it's little bit less produced and the vocals are on the melodic death/metalcore side of things. I have a feeling that description will turn a lot of people off haha. Don't worry, for that style, the vocalist is far from awful. Not a huge fan of the style myself, but in this context they could be a lot worse. The riffs are chunky, chuggy and catchy. This song is particularly infectious and has a nice groove to it (hence the term groove metal). Lots of headbanging moments mixed with some simple solo-like moments. Some of the parts towards the end of the song that are nice touches to the overall composition. I wouldn't be surprised if people don't take to this band, can't say I'm crazy about them myself. However, I do enjoy a nice slab of pretty well down groove metal once in awhile, and this is a good band for that!

Kryterium - Control