Thursday, November 27, 2008

MOTD - Happy Thanksgiving! And a $4000 death metal album for you!

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Sororicide
Song: Human Recycling
Album: The Entity
Style: Death Metal
country/location: Reykjavik, Iceland
release: 1991

This band is quite the collector's entity. I mean, who can resist a semi-obscure death metal album from Iceland? I know I couldn't. Certainly I'd want to spend up to $4000 for a rare CD for a death metal band from Iceland! Ok, maybe not. I'd love to have a rare album by a semi-obscure metal band, but $4000?! No way! Fortunately for you and I, there is the internet where you can hear said semi-obscure metal band that sells for $4000 on ebay for the price of your fingertips.

So is Sororicide really worth $4000? Honestly, no. However, are they worth the obscure cult following that they seem to have picked up? I'd say so! They are a traditional old school death metal band with a lot of unique aspects to their sound. I read somewhere that they have a little bit of a Candlemass doom influence. I could believe it for a lot of their riffs combine that old death metal distortion with very slow, brooding and very doomy lines. This song has starts off with a sense of forbidding that molds into a really awesome slow guitar riff. This then explodes into full blasting, unrelenting death metal with pounding drums and thrashy guitars. Like all good old death metal, there are solos! Very well executed solos utilizing melodic slow licks and faster shreddings. I can see why this band is sought after by collectors for they definitely have their own sound and style. Underrated would be a good word for them. I'd love to find a physical copy of this, however I wouldn't spend $4000 on this....

Sororicide - Human Recycling

And for my Thanksgiving gift to all of you, here is the full album in all of it's $4000 glory! hehe

Sororicide - The Entity

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