Monday, February 2, 2009

MOTD - Nephillim: A Great Slab Of NYBM (New York Black Metal)

Mp3 Of The Day

Band/Artist: Nephillim
Song: Abbas O' Bellum (God of War)
Album: Hymns of the Fallen (split)
Style: Black Metal
country/location: New York, New York, US
release: 2006/7

Well blow me a whale, I can't think of a good introduction to this post. Except that I guess. haha. So this is another band who I was listening to relatively recently and decided to share with you. I came upon Nephillim by way of a split album with Zircon (a local Massachusetts band that will be featured later on...). Nephillim was a plain and grim black metal band from New York City. Raw and thin guitars, blast beats, scratchy semi-high pitched vocals, gritty production, it's all there. They have a few unique features like the fact that production is actually really good while still keeping with the extreme nature of black metal. Another is that there doesn't seem to be a single lead vocalist. There's almost a chorus quality to it, but the inconsistencies give it a natural and relaxed feel. The last major unique feature is the small progressive element, as evident by the few soft but dark acoustic passages that flow in and out of the song. Though nowhere near as complex or outstanding as many other bands in the genre, this is a great slab of black metal. It's a shame that they broke up for they seem like the type of band to constantly produce some good stuff. Also I'd love to see them live. Anyways, enjoy!

Nephillim - Abbas O' Bellum (God of War)


Anonymous said...

this band broke up... looks like you can't see them live.
also, they were a bunch of dicks to us when we saw them and all had mohawks.
but the music is alright. so there ya go.